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Dataset Name Mar: Rosetta datasets
Dataset Number 1
Short Description 7 conditions (plus 4 repeats of wt, 1 of cna1cna2, 1 of his3)
Source URL
Reference Matthew J. Marton et al., Nature Medicine 4: 1293-1301 (1998)
Strains various mutations of 'wild type', strain table lists strains
used as YPH499, R563, R558, R567, MCY300, R132, R133, R559, BY4719,
BY4738, R491, BY4728, BY4729, R1226
Conditions YPD + 0.004% adenine
wt vs. cna1cna2
wt vs. wt + 1 ug/ml FK506
cna1cna2 vs. cna1cna2 + 1 ug/ml FK506
wt vs. wt + 50 ug/ml FK506
wt vs. wt + 10 mM 3AT
his3 vs. his3 + 10 mM 3AT
wt vs. his3
Date Added to ExpressDB Feb 4 1999 3:03:18:726PM
Number of Measures on ExpressDB 42 (here to download dataset and view measure details)
Long Description Paper abstract - We describe here a method for drug
target validation and identification of secondary drug target effects
based on genome-wide gene expression patterns. The method is
demonstrated by several experiments, including treatment of yeast
mutant strains defective in calcineurin, immunophilins or other genes
with the immunosuppressants cyclosporin A or FK506. Presence or
absence of the characteristic drug 'signature' pattern of altered gene
expression in drug-treated cells with a mutation in the gene encoding
a putative target established whether that target was required to
generate the drug signature. Drug dependent effects were seen in
'targetless' cells, showing that FK506 affects additional pathways
independent of calcineurin and the immunophilins. The described method
permits the direct confirmation of drug targets and recognition of
drug-dependent changes in gene expression that are modulated through
pathways distinct from the drug's intended target. Such a method may
prove useful in improving the efficiency of drug development

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