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List of available measure details for EDS No 19

Measure Description More Info
alpha0 alpha0 here
alpha105 alpha105 here
alpha112 alpha112 here
alpha119 alpha119 here
alpha14 alpha14 here
alpha21 alpha21 here
alpha28 alpha28 here
alpha35 alpha35 here
alpha42 alpha42 here
alpha49 alpha49 here
alpha56 alpha56 here
alpha63 alpha63 here
alpha7 alpha7 here
alpha70 alpha70 here
alpha77 alpha77 here
alpha84 alpha84 here
alpha91 alpha91 here
alpha98 alpha98 here
cdc15_10 cdc15_10 here
cdc15_100 cdc15_100 here
cdc15_110 cdc15_110 here
cdc15_120 cdc15_120 here
cdc15_130 cdc15_130 here
cdc15_140 cdc15_140 here
cdc15_150 cdc15_150 here
cdc15_160 cdc15_160 here
cdc15_170 cdc15_170 here
cdc15_180 cdc15_180 here
cdc15_190 cdc15_190 here
cdc15_200 cdc15_200 here
cdc15_210 cdc15_210 here
cdc15_220 cdc15_220 here
cdc15_230 cdc15_230 here
cdc15_240 cdc15_240 here
cdc15_250 cdc15_250 here
cdc15_270 cdc15_270 here
cdc15_290 cdc15_290 here
cdc15_30 cdc15_30 here
cdc15_50 cdc15_50 here
cdc15_70 cdc15_70 here
cdc15_80 cdc15_80 here
cdc15_90 cdc15_90 here
cdc28_0 cdc28_0 here
cdc28_10 cdc28_10 here
cdc28_100 cdc28_100 here
cdc28_110 cdc28_110 here
cdc28_120 cdc28_120 here
cdc28_130 cdc28_130 here
cdc28_140 cdc28_140 here
cdc28_150 cdc28_150 here
cdc28_160 cdc28_160 here
cdc28_20 cdc28_20 here
cdc28_30 cdc28_30 here
cdc28_40 cdc28_40 here
cdc28_50 cdc28_50 here
cdc28_60 cdc28_60 here
cdc28_70 cdc28_70 here
cdc28_80 cdc28_80 here
cdc28_90 cdc28_90 here
clb2-1 clb2-1 here
clb2-2 clb2-2 here
cln3-1 cln3-1 here
cln3-2 cln3-2 here
elu0 elu0 here
elu120 elu120 here
elu150 elu150 here
elu180 elu180 here
elu210 elu210 here
elu240 elu240 here
elu270 elu270 here
elu30 elu30 here
elu300 elu300 here
elu330 elu330 here
elu360 elu360 here
elu390 elu390 here
elu60 elu60 here
elu90 elu90 here

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