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No download capabilities have been set up for this dataset yet, but you are welcome to send email to Wayne Rindone if you wish to download this dataset and it will be set up for that.

List of available measure details for EDS No 21

Measure Description More Info
alpha0BOT alpha 0 minute BOT here
alpha0CAT alpha 0 minute CAT here
alpha0CH1B alpha 0 minute CH1B here
alpha0CH1D alpha 0 minute CH1D here
alpha0CH1I alpha 0 minute CH1I here
alpha0CH2B alpha 0 minute CH2B here
alpha0CH2BN alpha 0 minute CH2BN here
alpha0CH2D alpha 0 minute CH2D here
alpha0CH2DN alpha 0 minute CH2DN here
alpha0CH2I alpha 0 minute CH2I here
alpha0CH2IN alpha 0 minute CH2IN here
alpha0CHR alpha 0 minute CHR here
alpha0CORR alpha 0 minute CORR here
alpha0DESC alpha 0 minute DESC here
alpha0EXP alpha 0 minute EXP here
alpha0FAILED alpha 0 minute FAILED here
alpha0FLAG alpha 0 minute FLAG here
alpha0LEFT alpha 0 minute LEFT here
alpha0LINK alpha 0 minute LINK here
alpha0PCOL alpha 0 minute PCOL here
alpha0PLAT alpha 0 minute PLAT here
alpha0PROW alpha 0 minute PROW here
alpha0RAT1 alpha 0 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha0RAT1N alpha 0 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha0RAT2 alpha 0 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha0RAT2N alpha 0 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha0REGR alpha 0 minute REGR here
alpha0RIGHT alpha 0 minute RIGHT here
alpha0SPOT alpha 0 minute SPOT here
alpha0TOP alpha 0 minute TOP here
alpha0TYPE alpha 0 minute TYPE here
alpha105BOT alpha 105 minute BOT here
alpha105CAT alpha 105 minute CAT here
alpha105CH1B alpha 105 minute CH1B here
alpha105CH1D alpha 105 minute CH1D here
alpha105CH1I alpha 105 minute CH1I here
alpha105CH2B alpha 105 minute CH2B here
alpha105CH2BN alpha 105 minute CH2BN here
alpha105CH2D alpha 105 minute CH2D here
alpha105CH2DN alpha 105 minute CH2DN here
alpha105CH2I alpha 105 minute CH2I here
alpha105CH2IN alpha 105 minute CH2IN here
alpha105CHR alpha 105 minute CHR here
alpha105CORR alpha 105 minute CORR here
alpha105DESC alpha 105 minute DESC here
alpha105EXP alpha 105 minute EXP here
alpha105FAILED alpha 105 minute FAILED here
alpha105FLAG alpha 105 minute FLAG here
alpha105LEFT alpha 105 minute LEFT here
alpha105LINK alpha 105 minute LINK here
alpha105PCOL alpha 105 minute PCOL here
alpha105PLAT alpha 105 minute PLAT here
alpha105PROW alpha 105 minute PROW here
alpha105RAT1 alpha 105 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha105RAT1N alpha 105 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha105RAT2 alpha 105 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha105RAT2N alpha 105 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha105REGR alpha 105 minute REGR here
alpha105RIGHT alpha 105 minute RIGHT here
alpha105SPOT alpha 105 minute SPOT here
alpha105TOP alpha 105 minute TOP here
alpha105TYPE alpha 105 minute TYPE here
alpha112BOT alpha 112 minute BOT here
alpha112CAT alpha 112 minute CAT here
alpha112CH1B alpha 112 minute CH1B here
alpha112CH1D alpha 112 minute CH1D here
alpha112CH1I alpha 112 minute CH1I here
alpha112CH2B alpha 112 minute CH2B here
alpha112CH2BN alpha 112 minute CH2BN here
alpha112CH2D alpha 112 minute CH2D here
alpha112CH2DN alpha 112 minute CH2DN here
alpha112CH2I alpha 112 minute CH2I here
alpha112CH2IN alpha 112 minute CH2IN here
alpha112CHR alpha 112 minute CHR here
alpha112CORR alpha 112 minute CORR here
alpha112DESC alpha 112 minute DESC here
alpha112EXP alpha 112 minute EXP here
alpha112FAILED alpha 112 minute FAILED here
alpha112FLAG alpha 112 minute FLAG here
alpha112LEFT alpha 112 minute LEFT here
alpha112LINK alpha 112 minute LINK here
alpha112PCOL alpha 112 minute PCOL here
alpha112PLAT alpha 112 minute PLAT here
alpha112PROW alpha 112 minute PROW here
alpha112RAT1 alpha 112 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha112RAT1N alpha 112 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha112RAT2 alpha 112 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha112RAT2N alpha 112 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha112REGR alpha 112 minute REGR here
alpha112RIGHT alpha 112 minute RIGHT here
alpha112SPOT alpha 112 minute SPOT here
alpha112TOP alpha 112 minute TOP here
alpha112TYPE alpha 112 minute TYPE here
alpha119BOT alpha 119 minute BOT here
alpha119CAT alpha 119 minute CAT here
alpha119CH1B alpha 119 minute CH1B here
alpha119CH1D alpha 119 minute CH1D here
alpha119CH1I alpha 119 minute CH1I here
alpha119CH2B alpha 119 minute CH2B here
alpha119CH2BN alpha 119 minute CH2BN here
alpha119CH2D alpha 119 minute CH2D here
alpha119CH2DN alpha 119 minute CH2DN here
alpha119CH2I alpha 119 minute CH2I here
alpha119CH2IN alpha 119 minute CH2IN here
alpha119CHR alpha 119 minute CHR here
alpha119CORR alpha 119 minute CORR here
alpha119DESC alpha 119 minute DESC here
alpha119EXP alpha 119 minute EXP here
alpha119FAILED alpha 119 minute FAILED here
alpha119FLAG alpha 119 minute FLAG here
alpha119LEFT alpha 119 minute LEFT here
alpha119LINK alpha 119 minute LINK here
alpha119PCOL alpha 119 minute PCOL here
alpha119PLAT alpha 119 minute PLAT here
alpha119PROW alpha 119 minute PROW here
alpha119RAT1 alpha 119 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha119RAT1N alpha 119 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha119RAT2 alpha 119 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha119RAT2N alpha 119 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha119REGR alpha 119 minute REGR here
alpha119RIGHT alpha 119 minute RIGHT here
alpha119SPOT alpha 119 minute SPOT here
alpha119TOP alpha 119 minute TOP here
alpha119TYPE alpha 119 minute TYPE here
alpha14BOT alpha 14 minute BOT here
alpha14CAT alpha 14 minute CAT here
alpha14CH1B alpha 14 minute CH1B here
alpha14CH1D alpha 14 minute CH1D here
alpha14CH1I alpha 14 minute CH1I here
alpha14CH2B alpha 14 minute CH2B here
alpha14CH2BN alpha 14 minute CH2BN here
alpha14CH2D alpha 14 minute CH2D here
alpha14CH2DN alpha 14 minute CH2DN here
alpha14CH2I alpha 14 minute CH2I here
alpha14CH2IN alpha 14 minute CH2IN here
alpha14CHR alpha 14 minute CHR here
alpha14CORR alpha 14 minute CORR here
alpha14DESC alpha 14 minute DESC here
alpha14EXP alpha 14 minute EXP here
alpha14FAILED alpha 14 minute FAILED here
alpha14FLAG alpha 14 minute FLAG here
alpha14LEFT alpha 14 minute LEFT here
alpha14LINK alpha 14 minute LINK here
alpha14PCOL alpha 14 minute PCOL here
alpha14PLAT alpha 14 minute PLAT here
alpha14PROW alpha 14 minute PROW here
alpha14RAT1 alpha 14 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha14RAT1N alpha 14 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha14RAT2 alpha 14 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha14RAT2N alpha 14 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha14REGR alpha 14 minute REGR here
alpha14RIGHT alpha 14 minute RIGHT here
alpha14SPOT alpha 14 minute SPOT here
alpha14TOP alpha 14 minute TOP here
alpha14TYPE alpha 14 minute TYPE here
alpha21BOT alpha 21 minute BOT here
alpha21CAT alpha 21 minute CAT here
alpha21CH1B alpha 21 minute CH1B here
alpha21CH1D alpha 21 minute CH1D here
alpha21CH1I alpha 21 minute CH1I here
alpha21CH2B alpha 21 minute CH2B here
alpha21CH2BN alpha 21 minute CH2BN here
alpha21CH2D alpha 21 minute CH2D here
alpha21CH2DN alpha 21 minute CH2DN here
alpha21CH2I alpha 21 minute CH2I here
alpha21CH2IN alpha 21 minute CH2IN here
alpha21CHR alpha 21 minute CHR here
alpha21CORR alpha 21 minute CORR here
alpha21DESC alpha 21 minute DESC here
alpha21EXP alpha 21 minute EXP here
alpha21FAILED alpha 21 minute FAILED here
alpha21FLAG alpha 21 minute FLAG here
alpha21LEFT alpha 21 minute LEFT here
alpha21LINK alpha 21 minute LINK here
alpha21PCOL alpha 21 minute PCOL here
alpha21PLAT alpha 21 minute PLAT here
alpha21PROW alpha 21 minute PROW here
alpha21RAT1 alpha 21 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha21RAT1N alpha 21 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha21RAT2 alpha 21 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha21RAT2N alpha 21 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha21REGR alpha 21 minute REGR here
alpha21RIGHT alpha 21 minute RIGHT here
alpha21SPOT alpha 21 minute SPOT here
alpha21TOP alpha 21 minute TOP here
alpha21TYPE alpha 21 minute TYPE here
alpha28BOT alpha 28 minute BOT here
alpha28CAT alpha 28 minute CAT here
alpha28CH1B alpha 28 minute CH1B here
alpha28CH1D alpha 28 minute CH1D here
alpha28CH1I alpha 28 minute CH1I here
alpha28CH2B alpha 28 minute CH2B here
alpha28CH2BN alpha 28 minute CH2BN here
alpha28CH2D alpha 28 minute CH2D here
alpha28CH2DN alpha 28 minute CH2DN here
alpha28CH2I alpha 28 minute CH2I here
alpha28CH2IN alpha 28 minute CH2IN here
alpha28CHR alpha 28 minute CHR here
alpha28CORR alpha 28 minute CORR here
alpha28DESC alpha 28 minute DESC here
alpha28EXP alpha 28 minute EXP here
alpha28FAILED alpha 28 minute FAILED here
alpha28FLAG alpha 28 minute FLAG here
alpha28LEFT alpha 28 minute LEFT here
alpha28LINK alpha 28 minute LINK here
alpha28PCOL alpha 28 minute PCOL here
alpha28PLAT alpha 28 minute PLAT here
alpha28PROW alpha 28 minute PROW here
alpha28RAT1 alpha 28 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha28RAT1N alpha 28 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha28RAT2 alpha 28 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha28RAT2N alpha 28 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha28REGR alpha 28 minute REGR here
alpha28RIGHT alpha 28 minute RIGHT here
alpha28SPOT alpha 28 minute SPOT here
alpha28TOP alpha 28 minute TOP here
alpha28TYPE alpha 28 minute TYPE here
alpha35BOT alpha 35 minute BOT here
alpha35CAT alpha 35 minute CAT here
alpha35CH1B alpha 35 minute CH1B here
alpha35CH1D alpha 35 minute CH1D here
alpha35CH1I alpha 35 minute CH1I here
alpha35CH2B alpha 35 minute CH2B here
alpha35CH2BN alpha 35 minute CH2BN here
alpha35CH2D alpha 35 minute CH2D here
alpha35CH2DN alpha 35 minute CH2DN here
alpha35CH2I alpha 35 minute CH2I here
alpha35CH2IN alpha 35 minute CH2IN here
alpha35CHR alpha 35 minute CHR here
alpha35CORR alpha 35 minute CORR here
alpha35DESC alpha 35 minute DESC here
alpha35EXP alpha 35 minute EXP here
alpha35FAILED alpha 35 minute FAILED here
alpha35FLAG alpha 35 minute FLAG here
alpha35LEFT alpha 35 minute LEFT here
alpha35LINK alpha 35 minute LINK here
alpha35PCOL alpha 35 minute PCOL here
alpha35PLAT alpha 35 minute PLAT here
alpha35PROW alpha 35 minute PROW here
alpha35RAT1 alpha 35 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha35RAT1N alpha 35 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha35RAT2 alpha 35 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha35RAT2N alpha 35 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha35REGR alpha 35 minute REGR here
alpha35RIGHT alpha 35 minute RIGHT here
alpha35SPOT alpha 35 minute SPOT here
alpha35TOP alpha 35 minute TOP here
alpha35TYPE alpha 35 minute TYPE here
alpha42BOT alpha 42 minute BOT here
alpha42CAT alpha 42 minute CAT here
alpha42CH1B alpha 42 minute CH1B here
alpha42CH1D alpha 42 minute CH1D here
alpha42CH1I alpha 42 minute CH1I here
alpha42CH2B alpha 42 minute CH2B here
alpha42CH2BN alpha 42 minute CH2BN here
alpha42CH2D alpha 42 minute CH2D here
alpha42CH2DN alpha 42 minute CH2DN here
alpha42CH2I alpha 42 minute CH2I here
alpha42CH2IN alpha 42 minute CH2IN here
alpha42CHR alpha 42 minute CHR here
alpha42CORR alpha 42 minute CORR here
alpha42DESC alpha 42 minute DESC here
alpha42EXP alpha 42 minute EXP here
alpha42FAILED alpha 42 minute FAILED here
alpha42FLAG alpha 42 minute FLAG here
alpha42LEFT alpha 42 minute LEFT here
alpha42LINK alpha 42 minute LINK here
alpha42PCOL alpha 42 minute PCOL here
alpha42PLAT alpha 42 minute PLAT here
alpha42PROW alpha 42 minute PROW here
alpha42RAT1 alpha 42 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha42RAT1N alpha 42 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha42RAT2 alpha 42 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha42RAT2N alpha 42 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha42REGR alpha 42 minute REGR here
alpha42RIGHT alpha 42 minute RIGHT here
alpha42SPOT alpha 42 minute SPOT here
alpha42TOP alpha 42 minute TOP here
alpha42TYPE alpha 42 minute TYPE here
alpha49BOT alpha 49 minute BOT here
alpha49CAT alpha 49 minute CAT here
alpha49CH1B alpha 49 minute CH1B here
alpha49CH1D alpha 49 minute CH1D here
alpha49CH1I alpha 49 minute CH1I here
alpha49CH2B alpha 49 minute CH2B here
alpha49CH2BN alpha 49 minute CH2BN here
alpha49CH2D alpha 49 minute CH2D here
alpha49CH2DN alpha 49 minute CH2DN here
alpha49CH2I alpha 49 minute CH2I here
alpha49CH2IN alpha 49 minute CH2IN here
alpha49CHR alpha 49 minute CHR here
alpha49CORR alpha 49 minute CORR here
alpha49DESC alpha 49 minute DESC here
alpha49EXP alpha 49 minute EXP here
alpha49FAILED alpha 49 minute FAILED here
alpha49FLAG alpha 49 minute FLAG here
alpha49LEFT alpha 49 minute LEFT here
alpha49LINK alpha 49 minute LINK here
alpha49PCOL alpha 49 minute PCOL here
alpha49PLAT alpha 49 minute PLAT here
alpha49PROW alpha 49 minute PROW here
alpha49RAT1 alpha 49 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha49RAT1N alpha 49 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha49RAT2 alpha 49 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha49RAT2N alpha 49 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha49REGR alpha 49 minute REGR here
alpha49RIGHT alpha 49 minute RIGHT here
alpha49SPOT alpha 49 minute SPOT here
alpha49TOP alpha 49 minute TOP here
alpha49TYPE alpha 49 minute TYPE here
alpha56BOT alpha 56 minute BOT here
alpha56CAT alpha 56 minute CAT here
alpha56CH1B alpha 56 minute CH1B here
alpha56CH1D alpha 56 minute CH1D here
alpha56CH1I alpha 56 minute CH1I here
alpha56CH2B alpha 56 minute CH2B here
alpha56CH2BN alpha 56 minute CH2BN here
alpha56CH2D alpha 56 minute CH2D here
alpha56CH2DN alpha 56 minute CH2DN here
alpha56CH2I alpha 56 minute CH2I here
alpha56CH2IN alpha 56 minute CH2IN here
alpha56CHR alpha 56 minute CHR here
alpha56CORR alpha 56 minute CORR here
alpha56DESC alpha 56 minute DESC here
alpha56EXP alpha 56 minute EXP here
alpha56FAILED alpha 56 minute FAILED here
alpha56FLAG alpha 56 minute FLAG here
alpha56LEFT alpha 56 minute LEFT here
alpha56LINK alpha 56 minute LINK here
alpha56PCOL alpha 56 minute PCOL here
alpha56PLAT alpha 56 minute PLAT here
alpha56PROW alpha 56 minute PROW here
alpha56RAT1 alpha 56 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha56RAT1N alpha 56 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha56RAT2 alpha 56 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha56RAT2N alpha 56 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha56REGR alpha 56 minute REGR here
alpha56RIGHT alpha 56 minute RIGHT here
alpha56SPOT alpha 56 minute SPOT here
alpha56TOP alpha 56 minute TOP here
alpha56TYPE alpha 56 minute TYPE here
alpha63BOT alpha 63 minute BOT here
alpha63CAT alpha 63 minute CAT here
alpha63CH1B alpha 63 minute CH1B here
alpha63CH1D alpha 63 minute CH1D here
alpha63CH1I alpha 63 minute CH1I here
alpha63CH2B alpha 63 minute CH2B here
alpha63CH2BN alpha 63 minute CH2BN here
alpha63CH2D alpha 63 minute CH2D here
alpha63CH2DN alpha 63 minute CH2DN here
alpha63CH2I alpha 63 minute CH2I here
alpha63CH2IN alpha 63 minute CH2IN here
alpha63CHR alpha 63 minute CHR here
alpha63CORR alpha 63 minute CORR here
alpha63DESC alpha 63 minute DESC here
alpha63EXP alpha 63 minute EXP here
alpha63FAILED alpha 63 minute FAILED here
alpha63FLAG alpha 63 minute FLAG here
alpha63LEFT alpha 63 minute LEFT here
alpha63LINK alpha 63 minute LINK here
alpha63PCOL alpha 63 minute PCOL here
alpha63PLAT alpha 63 minute PLAT here
alpha63PROW alpha 63 minute PROW here
alpha63RAT1 alpha 63 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha63RAT1N alpha 63 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha63RAT2 alpha 63 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha63RAT2N alpha 63 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha63REGR alpha 63 minute REGR here
alpha63RIGHT alpha 63 minute RIGHT here
alpha63SPOT alpha 63 minute SPOT here
alpha63TOP alpha 63 minute TOP here
alpha63TYPE alpha 63 minute TYPE here
alpha70BOT alpha 70 minute BOT here
alpha70CAT alpha 70 minute CAT here
alpha70CH1B alpha 70 minute CH1B here
alpha70CH1D alpha 70 minute CH1D here
alpha70CH1I alpha 70 minute CH1I here
alpha70CH2B alpha 70 minute CH2B here
alpha70CH2BN alpha 70 minute CH2BN here
alpha70CH2D alpha 70 minute CH2D here
alpha70CH2DN alpha 70 minute CH2DN here
alpha70CH2I alpha 70 minute CH2I here
alpha70CH2IN alpha 70 minute CH2IN here
alpha70CHR alpha 70 minute CHR here
alpha70CORR alpha 70 minute CORR here
alpha70DESC alpha 70 minute DESC here
alpha70EXP alpha 70 minute EXP here
alpha70FAILED alpha 70 minute FAILED here
alpha70FLAG alpha 70 minute FLAG here
alpha70LEFT alpha 70 minute LEFT here
alpha70LINK alpha 70 minute LINK here
alpha70PCOL alpha 70 minute PCOL here
alpha70PLAT alpha 70 minute PLAT here
alpha70PROW alpha 70 minute PROW here
alpha70RAT1 alpha 70 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha70RAT1N alpha 70 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha70RAT2 alpha 70 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha70RAT2N alpha 70 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha70REGR alpha 70 minute REGR here
alpha70RIGHT alpha 70 minute RIGHT here
alpha70SPOT alpha 70 minute SPOT here
alpha70TOP alpha 70 minute TOP here
alpha70TYPE alpha 70 minute TYPE here
alpha77BOT alpha 77 minute BOT here
alpha77CAT alpha 77 minute CAT here
alpha77CH1B alpha 77 minute CH1B here
alpha77CH1D alpha 77 minute CH1D here
alpha77CH1I alpha 77 minute CH1I here
alpha77CH2B alpha 77 minute CH2B here
alpha77CH2BN alpha 77 minute CH2BN here
alpha77CH2D alpha 77 minute CH2D here
alpha77CH2DN alpha 77 minute CH2DN here
alpha77CH2I alpha 77 minute CH2I here
alpha77CH2IN alpha 77 minute CH2IN here
alpha77CHR alpha 77 minute CHR here
alpha77CORR alpha 77 minute CORR here
alpha77DESC alpha 77 minute DESC here
alpha77EXP alpha 77 minute EXP here
alpha77FAILED alpha 77 minute FAILED here
alpha77FLAG alpha 77 minute FLAG here
alpha77LEFT alpha 77 minute LEFT here
alpha77LINK alpha 77 minute LINK here
alpha77PCOL alpha 77 minute PCOL here
alpha77PLAT alpha 77 minute PLAT here
alpha77PROW alpha 77 minute PROW here
alpha77RAT1 alpha 77 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha77RAT1N alpha 77 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha77RAT2 alpha 77 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha77RAT2N alpha 77 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha77REGR alpha 77 minute REGR here
alpha77RIGHT alpha 77 minute RIGHT here
alpha77SPOT alpha 77 minute SPOT here
alpha77TOP alpha 77 minute TOP here
alpha77TYPE alpha 77 minute TYPE here
alpha7BOT alpha 7 minute BOT here
alpha7CAT alpha 7 minute CAT here
alpha7CH1B alpha 7 minute CH1B here
alpha7CH1D alpha 7 minute CH1D here
alpha7CH1I alpha 7 minute CH1I here
alpha7CH2B alpha 7 minute CH2B here
alpha7CH2BN alpha 7 minute CH2BN here
alpha7CH2D alpha 7 minute CH2D here
alpha7CH2DN alpha 7 minute CH2DN here
alpha7CH2I alpha 7 minute CH2I here
alpha7CH2IN alpha 7 minute CH2IN here
alpha7CHR alpha 7 minute CHR here
alpha7CORR alpha 7 minute CORR here
alpha7DESC alpha 7 minute DESC here
alpha7EXP alpha 7 minute EXP here
alpha7FAILED alpha 7 minute FAILED here
alpha7FLAG alpha 7 minute FLAG here
alpha7LEFT alpha 7 minute LEFT here
alpha7LINK alpha 7 minute LINK here
alpha7PCOL alpha 7 minute PCOL here
alpha7PLAT alpha 7 minute PLAT here
alpha7PROW alpha 7 minute PROW here
alpha7RAT1 alpha 7 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha7RAT1N alpha 7 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha7RAT2 alpha 7 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha7RAT2N alpha 7 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha7REGR alpha 7 minute REGR here
alpha7RIGHT alpha 7 minute RIGHT here
alpha7SPOT alpha 7 minute SPOT here
alpha7TOP alpha 7 minute TOP here
alpha7TYPE alpha 7 minute TYPE here
alpha84BOT alpha 84 minute BOT here
alpha84CAT alpha 84 minute CAT here
alpha84CH1B alpha 84 minute CH1B here
alpha84CH1D alpha 84 minute CH1D here
alpha84CH1I alpha 84 minute CH1I here
alpha84CH2B alpha 84 minute CH2B here
alpha84CH2BN alpha 84 minute CH2BN here
alpha84CH2D alpha 84 minute CH2D here
alpha84CH2DN alpha 84 minute CH2DN here
alpha84CH2I alpha 84 minute CH2I here
alpha84CH2IN alpha 84 minute CH2IN here
alpha84CHR alpha 84 minute CHR here
alpha84CORR alpha 84 minute CORR here
alpha84DESC alpha 84 minute DESC here
alpha84EXP alpha 84 minute EXP here
alpha84FAILED alpha 84 minute FAILED here
alpha84FLAG alpha 84 minute FLAG here
alpha84LEFT alpha 84 minute LEFT here
alpha84LINK alpha 84 minute LINK here
alpha84PCOL alpha 84 minute PCOL here
alpha84PLAT alpha 84 minute PLAT here
alpha84PROW alpha 84 minute PROW here
alpha84RAT1 alpha 84 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha84RAT1N alpha 84 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha84RAT2 alpha 84 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha84RAT2N alpha 84 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha84REGR alpha 84 minute REGR here
alpha84RIGHT alpha 84 minute RIGHT here
alpha84SPOT alpha 84 minute SPOT here
alpha84TOP alpha 84 minute TOP here
alpha84TYPE alpha 84 minute TYPE here
alpha91BOT alpha 91 minute BOT here
alpha91CAT alpha 91 minute CAT here
alpha91CH1B alpha 91 minute CH1B here
alpha91CH1D alpha 91 minute CH1D here
alpha91CH1I alpha 91 minute CH1I here
alpha91CH2B alpha 91 minute CH2B here
alpha91CH2BN alpha 91 minute CH2BN here
alpha91CH2D alpha 91 minute CH2D here
alpha91CH2DN alpha 91 minute CH2DN here
alpha91CH2I alpha 91 minute CH2I here
alpha91CH2IN alpha 91 minute CH2IN here
alpha91CHR alpha 91 minute CHR here
alpha91CORR alpha 91 minute CORR here
alpha91DESC alpha 91 minute DESC here
alpha91EXP alpha 91 minute EXP here
alpha91FAILED alpha 91 minute FAILED here
alpha91FLAG alpha 91 minute FLAG here
alpha91LEFT alpha 91 minute LEFT here
alpha91LINK alpha 91 minute LINK here
alpha91PCOL alpha 91 minute PCOL here
alpha91PLAT alpha 91 minute PLAT here
alpha91PROW alpha 91 minute PROW here
alpha91RAT1 alpha 91 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha91RAT1N alpha 91 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha91RAT2 alpha 91 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha91RAT2N alpha 91 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha91REGR alpha 91 minute REGR here
alpha91RIGHT alpha 91 minute RIGHT here
alpha91SPOT alpha 91 minute SPOT here
alpha91TOP alpha 91 minute TOP here
alpha91TYPE alpha 91 minute TYPE here
alpha98BOT alpha 98 minute BOT here
alpha98CAT alpha 98 minute CAT here
alpha98CH1B alpha 98 minute CH1B here
alpha98CH1D alpha 98 minute CH1D here
alpha98CH1I alpha 98 minute CH1I here
alpha98CH2B alpha 98 minute CH2B here
alpha98CH2BN alpha 98 minute CH2BN here
alpha98CH2D alpha 98 minute CH2D here
alpha98CH2DN alpha 98 minute CH2DN here
alpha98CH2I alpha 98 minute CH2I here
alpha98CH2IN alpha 98 minute CH2IN here
alpha98CHR alpha 98 minute CHR here
alpha98CORR alpha 98 minute CORR here
alpha98DESC alpha 98 minute DESC here
alpha98EXP alpha 98 minute EXP here
alpha98FAILED alpha 98 minute FAILED here
alpha98FLAG alpha 98 minute FLAG here
alpha98LEFT alpha 98 minute LEFT here
alpha98LINK alpha 98 minute LINK here
alpha98PCOL alpha 98 minute PCOL here
alpha98PLAT alpha 98 minute PLAT here
alpha98PROW alpha 98 minute PROW here
alpha98RAT1 alpha 98 minute RAT1, ratio CH1D/CH2D here
alpha98RAT1N alpha 98 minute RAT1N, ratio CH1D/CH2D normalized here
alpha98RAT2 alpha 98 minute RAT2, ratio CH2D/CH1D here
alpha98RAT2N alpha 98 minute RAT2N, ratio CH2D/CH1D normalized here
alpha98REGR alpha 98 minute REGR here
alpha98RIGHT alpha 98 minute RIGHT here
alpha98SPOT alpha 98 minute SPOT here
alpha98TOP alpha 98 minute TOP here
alpha98TYPE alpha 98 minute TYPE here

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Copyright (c) 2006 by Wayne Rindone and the President and Fellows of Harvard University