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List of available measure details for EDS No 27

Measure Description More Info
COLUMN The columns of spots in each quadrant are numbered from left to right, 1 through 42. here
N DMED2 BKG Normalized background correction factor for the green fluorescence. here
N DMED2 SIG Normalized intensity of the green fluorescent probe hybridized to a given ORF. Normalization was performed using genomic DNA spotted onto the array which are expected to yield a ratio of 1 for net red signal/net green signal. here
N RATIO WT/DMED2 Ratio of the net signal minus background for the wild-type vs med2 deletion mutant. (red to green ratio). here
QUAD The arrays have 4 quadrants each having the dimensions 39 rows by 42 columns. Quadrant, row and column coordinates can be used to identify the spot on the array for an ORF. Quadrant numbers 1,2,3,4 are top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. here
ROW The rows of spots in each quadrant are numbered from top to bottom, 1 though 39. here
WT BKG Background correction factor for the red fluorescence. here
WT SIG Intensity of the red fluorescent probe hybridized to a given ORF here

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