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List of available measure details for EDS No 43

Measure Description More Info
Chromosome Chromosome number here
Distance to ORF The number of basepairs between the 3' end of ORF and tag. 0 inicates that the tag lies within the ORF. here
Funcat MIPS functional catalog numbers here
Hits in genome The number of times a tag was found in the yeast genome sequence here
ORF coordinates ORF coordinates here
Position Tag Position on the chromosome. (C) indicates that the ORF is encoded on the Crick strand here
Tag sequence Tag sequence - 10-bp tag sequence here
URL URL for ORF info in the MIPS database here
pip2/oaf1 count The number of times a certain tag was found in pip2/oaf1 mutant oleate-grown cells here
wt ole count The number of times a certain tag was found in wild type oleate-grown cells here

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