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List of available measure details for EDS No 46

Measure Description More Info
CCCP 90 min CCCP 90 min, slides 406 and 440 here
Rho+ vs rho0 OD=0.5 Rho+ vs rho0 OD=0.5, slides 601 and 625 here
Rho+ vs rho0 OD=1.5 Rho+ vs rho0 OD=1.5, slides 602 and 604 here
antimycin 120 min antimycin 120 min, slides 224 and 226 here
antimycin 60 min antimycin 60 min, slides 207 and 223 here
oligomycin 120 min oligomycin 120 min, slides 407 and 431 here
oligomycin 60 min oligomycin 60 min, slides 404 and 408 here
propionate propionate, slides 827 and 907 here
rho0 vs rtg1 rho rho0 vs rtg1 rho, slides 231 and 410 here
rho0 vs rtg2 rho0 rho0 vs rtg2 rho0, slides 216 and 218 here
rho0 vs rtg3 rho0 rho0 vs rtg3 rho0, slides 230 and 402 here

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