A Brief Bibliography of Nucleic Acid Cloning/Colony Methods.

(see also Sequencing by Synthesis Notes, SBS and Polonies).


Reference  Clonality   # primers       Physical

           shown?      free/covalent   isolation


Sha'69       Y            0/0          Agar gel

Coh'73       Y            0/0          Cell-membranes & agar

Law'78       Y            0/0          Agar gel

Li '88       Y            2/0          Plastic tube (solution)

Che'91       Y            0/0          Agarose gel

Che'97       Y            0/0          Agarose gel (Example 2)

Che'97       N            0/0          Polyacrylamide gel (Example 3)

Far'98       Y            0/2          Glass surface

Taw'98       Y            2/0          Emulsion

Chu'99       Y            1/0          Excluded volume cloning on patterned glass arrays  

Mit'99       Y            1/1          Polyacrylamide gel (& replicas)

Vog'99       Y            2/0          Plastic tube (solution)

Che'00       Y            2/0          Polyacrylamide gel

Ade'00       N            0/2          Glass surface

Gha'01       Y            2/0          Emulsion

Dea'02       N            1/0          Plastic tube (solution)

Cos'04       Y            1/1          Bead surface & emulsion  

Drm'05       Y            1/1          Rolling Circle Replication in solution & binding exclusion   


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