Ultra-low Cost Sequencing Technology

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I. Multiplex Cyclic Sequencing by Synthesis

What is it? : Polony = Polymerase-colony (pronounced "Pahl'ahnee" at Hahvahd, and "Pole own' ee" at the Deli).
What flavors? (1) in situ slide PCR, (2) emulsion-PCR-beads, (3) Isothermal amplification (no-PCR, no-gels, no-beads).

How to get it? (open source)
Software: 2009. (Image analysis for in-situ haplotyping, exon-typing 2003 , Polony-bead software 2005, 2006).
Hardware: 2009: Danaher Polonator G.007 (2003 & 2006 : Slide amplifiers, fuidics, scanners or bead microscope 2005).
Wetware: Protocols 2008 OWW. (2003. Cleavable Fluor-dNTPs)
Shareware: Public discussion forum Polony-Protocols
ESL-ware: Ethical, Legal, Social innovation in shareable medical research & frank/detailed discussion of re-identification issues: Personal Genome Project.
Tuneware: mp3 : James Kugler

Example raw data set 2005

Brought to you by: Advanced Sequencing Technology NHGRI grants CEGS , 2004 & 2005
Ancient History of: Nucleic Acid Cloning and Sequencing by Synthesis.
Costs: Polony cost details ; Cost-Error Comparison Method ; Comparison spreadsheet ; 454 vs ABI-3730xl
Disclosure: Church lab licenses & advisory roles to 14 of the 17 companies below.

II. Alternatives to Cyclic Sequencing by Synthesis

A. Oxford Nanopore -- Nanopore
B. Nabsys -- Nanopore 6-mer hybridization mapping
C. US Genomics -- Fluorescent Mapping
D. Halcyon Molecular -- Electron microscopy
E. ZS Genetics -- Electron microscopy.

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