Using CadPam

The overall purpose of CAD-PAM is to enable design, synthesis, assembly and testing of DNA constructs. Details of how the CAD-PAM software helps are found in the paper

Tian J, Gong H, Sheng N, Zhou X, Gulari E, Gao X, & Church GM (2004) Accurate Multiplex Gene Synthesis from Programmable DNA Chips.

You can run the CAD-PAM software by using this link:

Note that by using this secure link to the CAD-PAM interface all your web transactions will be encripted, reducing the likelihood of their falling into unauthorized hands. You are provided with links that will use email with the user in question to confirm the setting of a password that will be required for anyone to access any results directory that is made for you. In the descriptions of files for input and output below the file names are links to typical examples of these files that you can download and examine. Note that many of the actual output file names also include a string based on the run series designation you provide when you use CAD-PAM. For example, the file called chipProduction.txt was actually originally named chipProductionfeb2-3.txt, which shows it was the third time a run had been made with a run identifier of "feb2".

Please contact George Church for more information, or with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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