DNA Memory I/O & Minigenome Project

MOMA:Minimization of Metabolic Adjustment (Optimal & near-optimal metabolic fluxes)
Polony technology
Contributions to: DARPA BioSPICE
Synthetic Minigenome tables (2-May-2001)
Ribosome-display-technology images

Submitted in response to: DARPA BAA 01-26: BIO-COMP (3-May-2001) Start date 28-Sep-2001.
MSWord copy of the proposal (2-May-2001)
Revised goals (22-Aug-2001)
15-Jan-2002 Quarterly Report.
15-Apr-2002 Quarterly Report.
12-Jul-2002 Annual Report.
15-Oct-2002 Quarterly Report.
15-Jan-2003 Quarterly Report.
15-Apr-2003 Quarterly Report.
11-Jul-2003 Annual Report.
15-Oct-2003 Quarterly Report
Slides for the proposal.
Quad chart.
Minigenome Supplement SOW 10-Apr-2002
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