Minigenome Project: Ribosome-display-technology details

Fig. 1 below: Deinococcus radiodurans ribosome large (50S) subunit. rRNA in orange; ribosomal proteins in white, r-protein L22 in green with N-term residues in blue C-term in red. Coordinates from: Yonath and colleagues (1KPJ.pdb). Note proximity of L22 to the channel exit for the nascent polypeptide chain and the unburied nature of the N & C termini (blue & red respectively)

Fig 2. below: The r-proteins closest to the channel exit: L22(green), L23(magenta), L24(red), L29(yellow), L32(blue), L17(cyan), others (white), and rRNA (grey).

Fig. 3 below: 50S (grey 23S/5S rRNA) + 30S (blue 16S rRNA) + tRNAs (A,P,E: red,orange,yellow) (From Noller and colleagues 1GIX, 1GIY)

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