George Church's 60th Birthday party celebration group photo.

Mentors, lab alums, current members, and family members are in chronological order clockwise starting from 12 O'clock.
(photo taken August 16, 2014 - a few days before George's actual birthday)


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Friday night Surprise Party - August 15, 2014

Friday night, George finds himself in the middle of a fake Cat Genome Symposium talk that turns out to be his surprise party. Former student, Fritz Roth, is giving the dry welcoming remarks when it slowly starts to go off the rails. Current lab members watch from another location within the building and join the party afterwards.

Saturday Symposium - August 16, 2014

GCAT60 Session 1/Speaker 1 - Sung-Hou Kim (George's 1st advisor)
GCAT60 Session 1/Speaker 2 - John Roth
GCAT60 Session 1/Speaker 3 - Steve Higgins
GCAT60 Session 1/Speaker 4 - John Aach
GCAT60 Session 2/Speaker 1 - Martha Bulyk
GCAT60 Session 2/Speaker 2 - Jay Shendure
GCAT60 Session 2/Speaker 3 - Dana Pe'er
GCAT60 Session 2/Speakers 4&5 - Farren Isaacs & Michael Jewett
GCAT60 Session 4/Speaker 1 - Uri Laserson
GCAT60 Session 4/Speaker 2 - Jay Lee
GCAT60 Session 4/Speaker 3 - Seth Shipman
GCAT60 Session 4/Speaker 4 - Gail Martin (George's postdoctoral mentor)

Trivia Game

GCAT60 Trivia Game Answers
Pete Estep and Martha Bulyk give answers to the GC Trivia Game and award prizes. Cutting out an audio problem makes for a slightly abrupt ending.

Saturday Evening Birthday Ceremony

GCAT60 Spoof video "Weekend at George's".
Postdoc Dan Mandell introduces the video made by lab members in honor of George's birthday that explores the question "How would we get by without George around?"
GCAT60 Birthday Music.
A special tribute to George sung to the tune of "The Elements" followed by Happy Birthday. Margo Monroe (vocals), Joyce Yang (keyboards and songwriting), Luhan Yang(ukulele), and Ellen Shrock(violin).
GCAT60 Cake Cutting
George cuts the cake for his 59.97 year birthday.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

A big thanks to all of the speakers and everyone who made this fun and possible.

Official Photos and Videos were shot and produced by Colin Beatt.