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Genome Engineering: CRISPR & MAGE
Multiplex Automated Genome Engineering (MAGE), is an intentionally broad term. In practice, it has come to be associated with a very efficient oligonucleotide allele-replacment (lambda red beta), so far restricted mainly to E.coli. CRISPR, in contrast, works in nearly every organism tested.

Relevant companies: EnEvolv, Egenesis, Editas.

Editas (NextBigFuture, 28-Nov-2013, Brian Wang)
A Call to Fight Malaria One Mosquito at a Time by Altering DNA (NY Times, 17-Jul-2014, Carl Zimmer)

* Vectors: Addgene
* Computational: Center for Causal Consequences of Variation (CCV)

Relevant Lab Publications:
2013 Probing the limits of genetic recoding in essential genes. Science.
2013 Genomically Recoded Organisms Impart New Biological Functions. Science.
2013 CAS9 transcriptional activators for target specificity screening and paired nickases for cooperative genome engineering. Nature Biotech.
2009 Programming cells by multiplex genome engineering and accelerated evolution. Nature.

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