Publications on Safety, Policy, Ethical, Legal, Social Implications (ELSI) from the Church lab

(A subset of Church lab publications and news items.)

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News, video and other media covering Safety, Policy, Ethical, Legal Social Implications (ELSI) from the Church lab

20. What Do We Mean by Human Enhancement? (NYAS, 15-May-2018 | Josephine Johnston)

19. The Promises and Perils of Gene Editing (HMS Talks@12, 17-Jan-2018, 60 min film | George Church)

18. CRISPR, Gene Drive Technology, and Hope for the Future (Future of Life, 16-May-2016 | John Min, George Church)

17. New chat with George Church on CRISPR’ing people, Zika, weapons, & more (IPSCell, 18-Apr-2016 | Paul Knoepfler)

16. Should Heritable Gene Editing Be Used on Humans? (The Wall Street Journal, 11-Apr-2016, See comments | George Church, Marcy Darnovsky)

15. The Frankenstein Problem: How to Talk About Genetic Engineering (NYU Journalism, 6-Apr-2016, 90 min video | Robert Lee Hotz, Amy Harmon, George Church)

14. The Augmented Human Being (, 30-Mar-2016, 50 min video | John Brockman, George Church)

13. Eight questions to ask before human genetic engineering goes mainstream. (The Washington Post, 25-Feb-2016 | George Church)

12. Gene editing, plastic surgery and woolly mammoths: My 20 minutes with George Church (Boston Business Journal, 29-Jan-2016 | Don Seiffert)

11. Artificial Natures (Harvard Design Magazine, 22-Jun-2015 | Matthew Allen)

10. A debate: Should we edit the human germline? (Stat, 30-Nov-2015 | Patrick Skerrett, Francis Collins, George Church)

9. Synthetic biology legend George Church & I talk about science and civilization (TheFurtureofPrintedFiction, 1-Nov-2015, 80 min video | John Sundman)

8. Manipulating the Human Genome (CG Researcher, 19-Jun-2015 | Jill U Adams, Marcy Darnovsky , Jessica Cussins, George Church)

7. Genome Engineering 3.0: Safety (MIT Alumni Association,  9-May-2015 47 minute video | George Church)

6. Getting Personal with Genomics (Genentech, 23-Oct-2013 | George Church)

5. Lessons From The Neanderthal Baby That Wasn't (Forbes, 22-Jan-2013 | Matthew Herper)

4. Harvard professor blasts Neanderthal clone baby rumor on Web (Boston Herald, 22-Jan-2013 | Gary J. Remal)

3. Researcher Pumps Brakes on Notion of Cloning Neanderthals (US News, 25-Jan-2013 | Jason Koebler)

2. Expect Changes: Genetics in 20 Years (GeneWatch, 16-Feb-2012 | George Church)

1. The Genome Generation (Newsweek, 14-Dec-2009 | George Church)

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