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Fluorescent In situ Sequencing (FISSEQ) and the BRAIN Initiative
One of the original motivations behind our development of Next-generation sequencing in 1999 was RNA FISSEQ. This was applied to cells in 2003 and to subcellular-resolution random-primed cDNAs in 2013.

Next? Chromosome and Protein FISSEQ. Use in Rosetta BRAIN Project. Whole embryo serial sections. Lineage bar-codes, connectome.

BRAIN initiative grant opportunities
NSF: 2013 ; Factsheet 2014.
NIH: 6 RFAs. Due March 13-24, 2014
DARPA: 2 RFAs. Closing date: April 22, 2014.
IARPA: Machine Intelligence from Cortical Networks (MICrONS) 2016

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BRAIN-relevant Church Lab Publications
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Mapping the Brain -- Medicine's Next Human Genome Project. (MedGadget, 3-May-2013, Ravi Parikh)
The Brain Map Shouldn't Get $100M a Year. It Should Get Much More. (Xconomy, 8-Apr-2013, Luke Timmerman)

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