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Although conventional microscopy is limited by the difraction limit of roughly the wavelength of the imaged light (or half that), the centroid of a blinking dot can be estimated with a resolution that goes with roughly sqrt of the number of photons. In collaboration with the Shih and Yin labs we explored a new way to get the blinking effect using short oligo hybridization.

Next? Application to Fluorescent in situ Sequencing (FISSEQ).

* caDNAno.org
* LightSpeed Genomics
* ReadCoor.com FISSEQ & Expansion Microscopy

Relevant Church Lab Publications:
2012 Submicrometre geometrically encoded fluorescent barcodes self-assembled from DNA. Nat Chem.
2009 Rapid prototyping of three-dimensional DNA-origami shapes with caDNAno Nucleic Acids Research.

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