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NIST-FDA Genome in a Bottle (GIAB) Authoritative Characterization of Benchmark Human Genomes.

This page is, for now, the definitive source for nomenclature for cell lines and sources of DNA sequence. If you have any problems or suggestions, please immediately contact PGP Staff with the details and CC me (GMC).

Papers on PGP1 Synthetic biology: CRISPR, Epigenetic programming.

504. Smith CJ, Castanon O, Said K, Khoshakhlagh P, Volf V, Hornick A, Ferreira R, Wu CT, Güell M, Myllykallio H, Church GM (2019) Enabling large-scale genome editing by reducing DNA nicking. Biorxiv.

491. Musah S, Dimitrakakis N, Camacho DM, Church GM, Ingber DE (2018) Directed differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells into mature kidney podocytes and establishment of a Glomerulus Chip. Nat Protoc. 13(7):1662-1685. PMID: 29995874

462s. Yankner B, et al. (2018). Inhibitory neurons [in prep]

461s. Khoshakhlagh P,  Ng AHM, et al. (2018)  Oligodendrocytes. [in prep]

460s.  Ng AHM, Khoshakhlagh P, Shipman S, Swiersy A, Appleton E, Huang J, Saylor W, Trono D, Taipale J, Hill D, Vidal M, Busskamp V, Church GM (2018) Programming cell fates using a comprehensive human transcription factor library. [submitted. -- using PGP1 iPSCs to characterize a comprehensive set of 1,748  human transcription factor open reading frames in expression clones,  at least 204 of which drove stem cells into diverse cellular states.  Some cell states require multiple TFs, which we determine from transcriptomes of the target cells guiding combinatorial screens.]

400. Musah S, Mammoto T, Mammoto A, Ferrente TC, Hirano-Kobayashi M, Roberts K, Chung S, Novak R, Ingram M, Fatanat-Didar T, Weaver JC, Church GM, Ingber DE (2017) Mature induced-pluripotent-stem-cell-derived human podocytes reconstitute kidney glomerular-capillary-wall function on a chip. Nat Biomed Eng. PMID: 29038743

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Papers on PGP1 sequencing, haplotyping & 3D structure: ENCODE Project Hi-C on 11 isogenic cell types (Erez Lieberman, et al.). HiC is helpful for long-range assembly.  Also using PGP1-iPSC for whole genome FISSEQ and Oligopaints at 20 nm resolution, which may yield full 3D structure including bridging current centromeric gaps.

474a. Chu WK, Edge P, Lee HS, Bansal V, Bafna V, Huang X, Zhang K (2017) Ultraaccurate genome sequencing and haplotyping of single human cells PNAS 114(47):12512-12517. Suppl. Seq. data PMID: 29078313

464a.  Nir G, Farabella I, ... Wu CT (2018) Walking along chromosomes with super-resolution imaging, contact maps, and integrative modeling. PLoS Genetics Biorxiv

463a. Nguyen H, Chattoraj S, Wu CT, et al. (2018) Imaging [in prep.]

304. Lo C, Liu R, Lee J, Robasky K, Byrne S, Lucchesi C, Aach J, Church G, Bafna V, Zhang K (2013) On the design of clone-based haplotyping. Genome Biology 14(9):R100. PMID: 24028704 BAC Library (5X coverage).

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A key resource for absolute haplotyping (Maternal/Paternal) is half-sibling (on maternal side) who has public PGP SNPs and WGS data.

Papers on PGP1  RNA and other cellular phenotypes.

463s. Chan Y, Chan YK, Goodman DB, Chavez A, Lim ET, Church GM (2018) Multiplexed testing of pooled donor cells using SNPs and NGS. (in prep.)

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188. Lee J, Park IH, Gao Y, Li JB, Li Z, Daley G, Zhang K, Church GM (2009) A Robust Approach to Identifying Tissue-specific Gene Expression Regulatory Variants Using Personalized Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. PLoS Genetics 5(11):e1000718. PMID: 19911041 PMC2766639

Epigenetically distinct isogenic PGP1 cells in NIH ENCODE Project core analyses (ChIP-seq, RNA-Seq, DNA-mC, Hi-C) & Coriell (for #1,2,15)
Homogeneity % without purification, unless specified. Please always thoroughly cite the full cell line lineage, passage# and this page when describing or shipping any of these cells.

#1. Primary fibroblastsGM23248 100% [303][342]
#2. IPSCs (from #1 via retroviral Yamanaka factors)GM23338 100% [226]
#3. Bipolar neurons  (from #2 via NGN1/2)  >95% [292]
#4. IPSCs (from #1 via Sendai-viral Yamanka factors)  100% (this has become the prefered source of iPSCs)
#5. Lymphoblastoid cells (from primary B-cells at Coriell)  100%  [188][463]
#6. Other neuronal types (from #4)  >90-95% excitatory cortical neurons [297]
#7. Oligodendrocytes (from #4)  >70% oligodendrocytes - have surface markers for purification if needed [461]
#8. Endothelial cells (from #4)  >90% [460]
#9. Cardiomyocytes (from #4)   >90% after metabolic selection  [350]
#10. Myocytes (from #4)  >50% - we're still working on this
#11. Stromal cells (from #4)  >90% [460]
#12. Astrocytes  (from #4)   >90% - we're still characterizing this [460]
#13. Inhibitory multiprocess neurons (from #4) from Bruce Yankner [462]
#14. Keratinocytes, primary [189]
#15.  B-cells primary, GM20431 [253]

Full set of papers on PGP, the project:

Data on PGP1, the person: hu43860C

NIST-FDA Genome Editing Consortium.

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