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Disruptive & Exponential Technologies & Consequences
These exponential progress curves are trend lines, not "Laws" of nature. They can flatline or accelerate without warning. Reading and writing DNA, homologous replacement of genes in living organisms, and genome sequencing (at 8-fold per year) all seem to be on even steeper exponentials than Moore's law for electronics (at 1.5-fold per year) both for cost and quality. Such exponential change especially in the context of lowered costs and greater accessibility, raises questions about medical data escape/reidentification, environmental apathy vs meddling, and potential for large-scale bioerror/bioterror, equitable distribution of new technologies.. We must creatively anticipate and mitigate unintended consequences.

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* International Association Synthetic Biology (IASB)
* International Gene Synthesis Consortium (IGSC)
* Reliable Organisms from Unreliable Components

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