X   : The cross product acts on vectors multidimensional -- with results orthogonal.
The Church lab mission and strength is integration of previously distant ideas. The future is set by physical limits, not tiny current economic increments.
1999 In situ localized amplification and contact replication of many individual DNA molecules Nucleic Acids Res.
2013 Physical Principles for Scalable Neural Recording. Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Phy Chem Bio Med Soc
Nearly all of the 15 boxes combine components of reading, writing AND arithmetic. We've placed them in the row that seems the best fit, but our goal is not pigeon-holing, but rather, integration and out-of-the-box approaches.
P1 C1 B1 M1 S1
Ranging from small molecules to ecosystems and from editing to full genome recoding.
P2 C2 B2 M2 S2
The three Rs. A defining trait of our species is our aptitude (obsession) for recording and retrieving past lessons and then ruminating on possible futures to seek or avoid. So, the term "Arithmetic" embraces the slightly broader concepts of regard, reckon, and rate -- in order to embrace complex computational, ethical and strategic connotations.
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