Acknowledgements (George Church PhD thesis)

"Rosebud." -- O. Welles

Many people have had a profound effect on my development as a scientist. In particular, Wally Gilbert, Bernard Dujon, Ting Wu, Kai Zinn, and Anne Ephrussi have helped and guided me at critical times throughout the last six years and have directly participated in the experiments described in this thesis. Below is a more complete list of people who have contributed in many ways. Some of the explanations offered here are only substitutes for descriptions of friendships and kind gestures which I haven't the wit to capture on paper. I will strive instead to thank everyone personally in the upcoming years and extend their spirit of cooperation to others I will meet. -- GMC 5/22/84 (under the liberating influence of a May 25 deadline)

     Montse Aguade         390,MCZ              O-chromosomes
     Ingrid Akerblom       388,UCSD             lab strain collection
      Frank Alcione        Recieving            "My good friend..."
   Marianna Alexopoulou    361                  seq plates, Bombyx
       Fred Ausubel        481                  Sumex
     Julian Banerji        Fairchild            enhancer info
    Charles Barbagallo     MachineShop          electrotransfer
        Bob Bauchwitz      390                  hot laces
    Michael Becker         Fairchild            photo-footprinting
    Crayton Bedford        PA                   linear programming proj
        Bob Benjamin       395                  pBR322
        Tom Benjamin       HMS                  Woods Hole discussion
       Cara Berman         HMS,Genentech        radiation glasses
     Harris Bernstein      296,390,MIT          thymi
      Chuck Bilikas        151                  Jack of all trades
       Paul Bingham        418,NIEHS,SUNY       transvection, P-elements
        Pam Bjorkman       Gibbs,Fairchild      crystallography, HLA
        Ron Blackman       427,Fairchild        classmate, seq evolution
     Hughes Blanc          382,Gif,Stanford     mito plasmids
       Piet Borst          Netherlands          mito, trypanosomes
      David Botstein       392,MIT              Brandeis,RFLPs,thesis
    Barbara Bowen          374,388              journals, career shift
       John Boyle          Duke,Yale            NMR,lac,columns,mito sRNP
     George Brefort        296,Paris            Ig
    Michael Breckon        Pall                 nylon
      Roger Brent          452,Fairchild        crit of a paper,strains
  Stephanie Broome         369                  cell culture
     Jurgen Brosius        386,Columbia         rRNA, polyA- brain RNA
        Bob Bruccoleri     Mallincrodt          MIT AI lab parsing
    Meinrad Busslinger     Zurich               fetal globin expt
        Ron Calabrese      447                  function generator
    Michele Calos          371,Stanford         spontaneous mutations
    Michael Canning        392,HMS              promoters
        Lew Cantley        313,463              discussions of mito
      Brian Carrilli       Biolabs              fight for proper labs
      Grant Carrow         447                  function generator
    Richard Cate           390,Biogen           5mC data,hybridiz,enz
    Patrick Charnay        Fairchild            globin plasmids
      Peter Cherbas        113                  general encouragement
    William Chick          HMS                  insulinoma panning expt
        Tom Christianson   Chicago              mito plasmids
        Jim Ciotti         149                  darkroom facilities
        Wei Chung Goh      392                  rotat student,M13 cloning
        Tom Cone           PA                   indep bio lab
      Geoff Cooper         HMS                  oncogenic virus course
      Vicki Corbin         359,Fairchild        Ig
       Anne Costa          370,Biogen           making Biolabs like home
        Jim Crawford       Gibbs,MIT            optical scanner project
        Jim Crawford       PA,Duke,HMS          medicine, bike
     George Deegan         542                  tips on mouse handling
        Dan DiMaio         Fairchild,Yale       plasmids, BPV
        Ron DiPaolo        NEN                  nylon
      Helen Donis-Keller   388,Biogen,CR        oligo-nuc pairing prog
       Ford Doolittle      398,Halifax          archaebacteria, DNA
      David Dressler       361,Princeton        orals(Smith expt),BC10 
  Genevieve Dujardin       Gif                  box mutants,suppressors
    Bernard Dujon          382,Gif              mito,yeast genet,postdoc
    Richard Ebright        HMS                  CAP-DNA interactions
        Arg Efstradiatis   130,HMS,Columbia     insulin seq,DNA conform
      Sally Elgin          432,Wash. U.         eukaryotic genome course
      Scott Emr            HMS                  lamB fusions
      Tamar Enoch          Fairchild            in situ hybridizations
       Anne Ephrussi       130,Gif,MIT          Gif, enhancer expts
       Mary Erfle          382                  pH meter
       Neil Farber         382,Biogen           phenol
        Joe Faria          151                  coordination
    Bernard Feld           MIT                  quantum physics course
      Toren Finkel         390,HMS              chachalacha lyzosyme
    Richard Flavell        Biogen               fetal globin expt
  Jefferson Foote          359,Berkeley         Zeiss
    Hiroshi Fukuhara       Orsay                petite strains
    Forrest Fuller         382                  recombinant DNA
   Lorraine Garrigan       Stockroom (056)      hard to find tools
       Bill Gelbart        106                  dev bio course,fly facil
     Janice Gepner         242                  Drosophila neurobiology
      Wally Gilbert        392,Biogen           thesis advisor
         Ed Giniger        Fairchild            gal UAS
       Joel Goldberg       Duke,Cambridge       ribosomes,anesthesia
        Tad Goto           386,359,Fairchild    yeast
        Les Grivell        Netherlands          cyt b & oxi-3 data
       Olga Groudinsky     Gif                  oxi-3 info
      Lenny Guarante       447,MIT              UGA expt, cyc UAS
      Guido Guidotti       410,Fairchild        orals
     Albert Haid           Basel                anti-cytochrome b IgG
      Avram Halbreich      392,Gif              shared bench
       Doug Hanahan        Conant,CSH           transform, transgenics
        Don Hawthorne      Gif,Seattle          tetrad analysis
    Winship Herr           392,388              tissues,hybridiz,enhancer
        Ann Hochschild     361,Fairchild        positive control
    Michael Hoffmann       101                  onc-gene homologs,primer
      Steve Holbrook       Duke,Berkeley        anisotropic B-param
        Bob Holmgren       418,MRC              first transfer,engrailed
      Peggy Holt           370                  glassware and company
     Vivian Irish          242,103              dpp
         Jo Jack           418,NIEHS            transvection
      Tyler Jackson        330,UCSF             DNA methylation
        Ken Jacobs         130,GI               backgrounds
     Claude Jacq           Gif                  label, seq info
      Sandy Johnson        464,UCSF             DMS extracts,mat,gal
   Lorraine Johnsrud       388                  Xgal,advice
   Jonathan Jones          484,AGS              in vivo cos cutting
     Edward Kass           Channing             mycoplasmas
    Emanuel Katsoulis      Pall                 nylon
        Jim Kaufman        332,Basel            idiotypes and H2
       Mary Kendrick       Channing             serology, mycoplasmas
 Poindexter Kennedy        393,Conant           Ig
   Sung-Hou Kim            Duke,Berkeley        advisor,tRNA,lac,postdoc
      David Kimmelman      447,HMS              viruses, coop
      Allan Kindman        Conant,Einstein      pulsed electrophor
      Karla Kirkegaard     359,MIT              DMS, topo, coop
      Nancy Kleckner       471,Fairchild        rotation, transpos expt
       Macy Koehler        Biohazard Office,113 P3 lab
       Alan Korman         324,Fairchild        retrovirus vectors
    Kirston Koths          393,Cetus            gradients
      Marty Kreitman       MCZ,390,MCZ          ADH,35S transfer,bike
       Paul Krieg          Fairchild            SP6 plasmids
       Anna Kruschevzka    Gif                  box strains
      David Kurnit         HMS                  fetal liver,Down's syndr
      Annie Lamouroux      Gif,Orsay            oxi-3 complementation
       Gail Lauer          463,Biotechnica      i434 plasmid
     Gloria Lee            349,UCSF             Xenopus devel
         Ed Lenhoff        Isotope Labs (556)   33P info
       John Lerner         374                  secretary
       Y.S. Lin            Channing             mycoplasmas
        Jai Lingappa       359,113              Ig
        Ken Livak          418                  bithorax
  Jonanthan Logan          409                  bobbed,biol eff nuc war
      Peter Lomedico       390,388,Roche        first RNA gel
       Nils Lonberg        388                  BC112,graphics,Tm,clean
       Rich Losick         328                  discussions
   Lorraine Lukas          006                  population cages
      Vicki Lundblad       482,Fairchild        Tn10 genetics
       John Lupo           PhotoLab (057)       ch. 2,4,5
        Tom Maniatis       Fairchild            thesis
       Carl Mann           386,Stanford         viruses,yeast,bike
       Mark Marchionni     382                  Alzhimers, SV40 expt
     Claire Martin         370                  glassware and greetings
       Gail Martin         UCSF                 stem cells,postdoc
      Allan Maxam          388,HMS              Ig, 5mC, seq
        Ken McCarty        Duke                 first centifuge
       Mike McGrath        411,Fairchild        finances,bike
        Pam Mellon         Fairchild            transfection info
       Doug Melton         Fairchild            SP6, hybridiz info
       Matt Meselson       411,Fairchild        rotation
         Jo Messing        U. Minnesota         hybridization primer
    Barbara Meyer          447,MIT              lambda,X-chromsomes
   Francois Michel         Gif                  RNA,butterfly phenocop
       Rick Morimoto       418                  petite info,heat shock
        Don Morisato       121,Fairchild        yeast, Tn10
      Karen Muskavitch     585                  mp phages
       Rick Myers          Fairchild            mutagenesis, Tm
      Louie Myers          242,121              biol effects of nucl war
        Rod Nagoshi        246                  ace, P-elements, bike
       Dave Nemaze         548,Basel            immunology
     Pierre Netter         Gif                  oxi-3 mutants
      Harry Nick           359,386              ADH,sgs,lac,ins
      Bruce Nicklas        Duke                 cell bio, advisor
        Ron Ogata          371,Scripps          trypsin, densitomtry
      Steve Orzack         MCZ                  biol effects of nucl war
      Brian Osborne        MIT                  cyc, genomic seq feedback
       Carl Pabo           464,Hopkins          BC112, CORELS
    Patrick Pajot          Gif                  cyt b info, reagents
      Alvin Pappenheimer   399,496              immunol course,toxin evol
        Ken Parker         342,Fairchild        classmate
       Mark Pasek          386,Biogen           cell culture
     Debbie Peattie        386,Stanford         tRNA, chem probes
      Larry Peck           359,Fairchild        DNA twist,Z,electroelute
       Phil Perlman        Ohio,Gif             CSH talk
      Aaron Perlmutter     371                  Imm,pan,hybridiz,Zeiss
     Gisele Perrodin       Gif                  Gif strain collection
    Barbara Philipp        359,386              albumin genes, polaroid
       Mark Poritz         Fairchild            BBN C70
        Jim Posakony       Fairchild            ADH control regions
       Hunt Potter         361,HMS              EM,Ig, DNA samples
        Jim Pustell        142                  BMB DNA database
        Tom Reardon        556                  32P
    Michael Rebagliati     Fairchild            SP6 polymerase
     Thomas Rees           PA                   indep chem lab
        Dan Reitenbach     NEN                  nylon
    Marylin Resh           313,359              classmate
        Rod Riedel         485                  plasmids
      Irene Rizzo          Purchasing (055)     sources of products
        Tom Roberts        463,HMS              plasmids
      Bryan Roberts        HMS                  gene exp talk
        Ian Robinson       Gibbs                Ca and virus structure
     Joseph Rocca          300-399              Biolabs info
      Randy Rose           155                  help with xerox and mail
      Nadia Rosenthal      130,HMS,NCI          insulin,onc,enhancers
       Gary Ruvkun         485,361,MIT          DMS,pulse,labeled reagents
      Marty Salant         Stockoom(056)        glass & technical advice
      Vicki Sato           548,Biogen           immunology course
        Bob Sauer          464,MIT              DNA-protein interactions
     Dennis Schwartz       369,361              nylon,mini-mon,salmon,RSV
      Brian Seed           Fairchild            DPT,pivx
     Thelma Shapiro        BMB headquarters,255 intro to BMB
       Paul Shurin         Channing             first immunofluorescence
       Ulli Siebenlist     382,NIH,HMS          DMS,Ig
        Tom Silhavy        HMS                  lamB fusions
        Bob Simpson        382,Arco             BrdU UV irradiation
       John Sims           367                  secondary structure
      Larry Sincebaugh     Receiving(020)       loans of equipment
      James Skare          HMS,MGH              power supplies
    Charles Slater         296,Repligen         tubulin genes
      Piotr Slonimski      Gif                  guide RNA, mito genetics
    Malcolm Smart          P3 Lab,Fairchild     P3 lab
     Brooks Smith          374                  lab management
      Sarah Smolik-Utlaut  246,002,101          yeast, dpp, genomic seq
       J.M. Snyder         PA                   photography
    Dorothy Solbrig        Library (163)        searches
    Forrest Spencer        242, 105             gynandromorhs
       Nick Spoerel        130                  seq tech
     Daniel St. Johnston   101                  diverse topics
      Steve Stahl          382,Biogen           aluminum foil
        Tim Standing       359                  X-ray, seq
       John Stansbury      Library(174)         HMS journals
      Craig Steele         Gibbs                optical scanner proj
       John Storella       359                  insect biol
      Donny Straus         390                  TIM, volvox, seq
       Gary Struhl         Fairchild            esc, hybridiz tech
       Joel Swanson        210,Princeton        rhodamine-nylon,squiggle
  Venkatesan Sundaresan     481,Berkeley         transposons
       Joel Sussman        Duke,Weizmann        tRNA,DNA-prot,nucleosome
       Greg Sutcliffe      366,Scripps          first 32P, restriction
      Karen Talmadge       390,388,Calbiotech   secretion, mini-prep seq
     Janine Tetreault      Purchasing (055)     ordering
       Greg Thayer         359,Columbia         aplysia
        Jay Thomas         382,UCSF             seq, maize
        Ken Thomas         Duke                 crystallography, SOD
    Richard Tizard         392,Biogen           insulin,Ig,RSV,neural RNA
     Susumu Tonegawa       MIT                  facilities
       Alex Tzagoloff      Columbia             short cyt b
       Axel Ullrich        Genentech            growth factors,transgen
      Frank Vallesio       017                  coach
       Gert VanOmmen       Netherlands          cyt b RNA data
      Lydia Villa-Komaroff 130,Worcester        fetal globin expt
        Jim Wang           359,Fairchild        thesis
     Calvin Ward           Duke                 first genetics lab
       Dave Ward           Yale                 biotin probe genomic seq
       Wade Warrant        Duke                 cholesterol,tRNA-EB,prot
       Ruth Webb           147                  keys
        Bob Webster        Duke                 molecular biology
       Mary Weiss          Gif,HMS              Gif,albumin, 5mC
        Jan Westpheling    325                  Woods Hole talk
        Don Wiley          Gibbs,Fairchild      orals,scan,BC112,postdoc
      Dyann Wirth          392,386,HSPH         Leshm,mito,co-lab boss
        Max Woodbury       Duke                 splinal interpolation,HLA
       John Wooley         409,Woods Hole       chromatin structure
       John Woolford       Duke,Brandeis        mol biol,phage f1,Ad IVS
     Louisa Worthington    Library (163)        hard to find volumes
       Carl Wu             430,371,NIH          indirect-end-labeling
       Ting Wu             361,HMS,242,103,002  electrotransfer,transvect
      Larry Wysocki        548,MIT              panning
      Roger Yocum          346,464,Biotecnica   yeast gal control
      Marie Youk-See       059                  ch. 1 fig. 1; ch.5 fig. 1
      Guido Zambighi       Duke                 first EM
        Kai Zinn           382,447,Fairchild    mp2,if,coop,rocks,enhance
        Lou Zumstein       359,Fairchild        classmate, power supplies
       Hans Zweerink       Duke                 animal viruses course