Churchlab WWW History

Church Group Internet History

  • 1968 marks my introduction to computer networks. Andover MA and Dartmouth NH, connected as part of a small GE-635 network (1964), delivers real-time interactive programming !.
  • 1969 - "Researchers at four US campuses create the first hosts of the ARPANET, connecting Stanford Research Institute, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah."
  • 1974, as I began computational biophysics research, I take a step back to punch-cards and mag-tapes, but forward in terms of relevance and exciting projects.
  • 1992 we offer a very modest Monte Carlo program over the internet using "FTP" since browsers were not yet available.
  • 1993 - "Mosaic, the first graphics-based Web browser, becomes available."
    Keith Robison and Pat Gillevet establish some of the first browser-compatible web pages (Church & Gilbert labs).
  • 1996 A basic list of our resources: Multiplex Sequencing, Homologous recombination and proteomics.
  • 1997 - 2013 The "Central Dogma" (DNA-RNA-Protein) horizontal axis and the "Omics" theme. We strive to keep the home page simple and compatible with a variety of browsers (leaving the bleeding-edge stuff to our subsidiary web pages). Note also the huge role that the internet has played in the Human Genome Project (HGP).
  • 2014 The theme changes to a table of disciplines (5 columns) by 3Rs (rows) with iconic images for each.
  • 2018 The latest is a short list of top projects.

    See also Wayback archives (RASCAL, TWOD, JOLT, AREP)

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