Boston Computational Genomics Boston/Cambridge Genomics & Computational Biology Resources
The Harvard/MIT/BU intellectual environment is excellent for multidisciplinary, collaborative research in genetics, systems biology, biomedical computing, bioinformatics, biostatistics, neurobiology, bioengineering, etc.
Biomedical Computing & Training:
  • Computational Biology MS & PhD Training in Boston & Cambridge.
  • Countway Bioinformatics, Imaging, Training (including entry-level).
  • BIDMC Caregroup Center for Clinical Computing (CCC)
  • HMS Division of Medical Sciences (DMS)
  • HMS Systems Biology Friday theory lunch
  • BWH Decision Systems Group (DSG)
  • Boston Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Links
  • Boston University Bioinformatics and Center for Advanced Genomic Technology (CAGT).
  • HMS Information Technology

    Interdisciplinary Technology Development:

  • Harvard Lipper Center for Computational Genetics (CCG, 1997) provides technology development integrating biosystems modeling with diverse functional genomics data streams. Students and postdocs from Harvard, MIT, BU.
  • DOE Genomes to Life (GTL)(2002) HMS,MIT,MGH,BWH Center approved 23-July-2002.
  • DOE Human Genome Project Technology Center (1987, a pioneer) 200 Longwood Ave, 02115.
  • PhRMA-Foundation Center for Excellence in Integration of Genomics and Informatics (CEIGI, 2002)
  • Center of Excellence in Genomic Science (CEGS, 2003) "Molecular and Genomic Imaging Center" (MGIC) Collaboration involving Harvard, MIT, Washington Univ, & U. Delaware.
  • Other CCG Collaborations
  • Harvard Center for Genomics Research (HCGR, 2001) with robotic core facilities in the Bauer building on the Cambridge Science campus). Home to eight HCGR Genome Fellows and other visiting scientists. 7 Divinity Ave., 02138.
  • Micro- and Nano- engineering: Langer; Whitesides; Schreiber; Branton; Lieber .

    Centers with Genomics Research and Production Focus

  • Harvard Institute of Proteomics (HIP) is producing expression clones and purified proteins for all human and other proteomes.
  • Molecular Target Laboratory (MTL, 2002 in Tech Square).
  • Broad Institute (BI, 1990) 320 Charles Street, Cambridge 02141-2023.
  • Harvard Partners Center for Genetics and Genomics (HPCGG, 2002) includes NRB & 65 Landsdowne St. Cambridge 02139 facilities dedicated to microarrays, genotyping and proteomics.
  • Biopolymers Facilty (BPF, 1987) in the NRB.
  • Harvard Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology (ICCB, 1997)

    HMS Hospital Genomics/Biomedical Research Centers

  • Center for Life Science
  • Partners Healthcare includes Brigham &Women's Hospital (BWH) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) as HMS teaching/research affliates.
  • The Children's Hospital (TCH ) including Informatics Program (CHIP)
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical center (BIDMC)
  • Harvard Center for Neurodegeneration and Repair (HCNR).
  • Dana Farber/Harvard Center for Cancer (DF-HCC, 1998).
  • MGH   Parabiosys and BIDMC Cardiogenomics NHLBI-PGA 50 Blossom Street, Boston, 02114.
  • The New Research Building (TNRB) 430,000 sq ft will house parts of the HCCG, HPCGG, and HCNR.

    Biopolymer synthesis/sequencing, mass-spectrometry & imaging:

  • HMS Core facilities.
  • Nikon Imaging Center at HMS.
  • MIT/HMS/MGH Martinos imaging facilities.

    Pharmaceutical & Biotech Company Research in the Boston area

  • Abbott Biorearch Center, Worcester
  • Astrazeneca, Waltham
  • Aventis, Cambridge
  • Biogen, Tech Square, Cambridge
  • Genetics Inst., Cambridge
  • Genome Therapeutics, Waltham
  • Genzyme, Storrow Drive Boston
  • Merck, HMS/Emmanuel College area
  • Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge
  • Novartis Tech Square.
  • Pfizer, 620 Memorial Drive
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge Landsdowne St.
  • Wyeth, Andover