George Church email

Notes on email obsecurity

My email address may change without notice to reduce spam-email, etc. My address should not be posted to any web page or email-list and will only be reliably obtained from this web page. For journals especially, this web-URL ( should be used rather than a machine-readable email-address.

The current addresses are : my three initials followed by at harvard dot edu -or- at mit dot edu.




  • Please replace any previous with the new ones above. My Harvard email is checked slightly more frequently.
  • If you want to schedule a time to meet, please email ( eleifman [at] and CC me;
    and be sure she confirms that time slot.
  • An alternative email address that is read by my administrative assistant, Elinne ("eleifman" [at-symbol] Any inquiries that do not require my attention should be directed to Shanna in any case (e.g. routine requests or notices about strains, budgets, grants, reprints, seminars, meetings, web pages, and course offerings).
  • Plain-text (or a URL to plain HTML) is preferable to attachments.
  • Paper-mail & faxes are far less likely than email to get to me.
  • No need to send "reminders", but it is important to get confirmation of any appointment .
  • If you think you have a "frequently asked question" (FAQ) then it is likely on our web pages.

    Please, don't be put off by the above if you have a problem, interesting idea, mentoring, science etc. requiring a one-on-one conversation or email. I really do want those emails; that is why I am trying the trim the others away.

    --George (20-Aug-2003; last updated 26-Sep-2009)