List of Personal Genome Sequencing and Interpretation Services

These items are not necessarily up-to-date, comprehensive, nor recommended by PGP or any affiliated institutions, but simply a public list intended to provoke discussion. You are invited to suggest improvements.

Whole Human Genome Sequencing
BGI-Complete Genomics $600 (30X)
Veritas Genetics $999 (30X, Genetic counseling & CLIA included)
Macrogen $1500 (30X)
Full $1250 (30X, DTC)
Novogene $1,850 (30X)
SureGenomics $2500
Illumina UYG $2,900. (30X)
Illumina Clinical $5,000. (30X)
Gene-by-Gene $7395. (DTC)
Partners LMM $9000.

Exome Sequencing (~1% of the genome)
Genos Exome $499. 75X
BGI Exome $499. 100X
Exome $517. 30X
14 labs Exome $798.
Gene-by-Gene Exome $1,095.
Personalis Exome

Cancer Exome or Genome Sequencing
Illumina Whole Genome.
Mayo Clinic Exome $7,000
Foundation Medicine 62 to 315 genes (of ~25,000 genes)

Genome Interpretation
Open Humans: GenomiX Genome Exploration $0
Genevieve Genome Report $0 $0 $5

Other omics lists:
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Sharing your genomic and medical data:

Note that "whole", "complete", or "full" genome sequence typically means 95% genome (where the 5% missing is not always the same or known).
No human genome has been 100% sequenced to my knowledge. This remains an important goal.
DTC indicates explicitly "Direct-To-Consumer", but probably others can be fairly easily accessed with help from a physician.
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