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** NEW ** Nature/EMBO Molecular Systems Biology (Access is free of charge)

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Physics, Computing, & Math journals and preprints

Our favorite e-journals with full text freely available
JournalAuthor feeWaiverColor fee Most recent free issue Copyright
BMC Genomics $500 Referee & InstThis month's
BMC Bioinformatics* $500 Referee & InstThis month's
Genome Biology* $1000 Referee$250 & InstThis month's
Molecular Biology of the Cell Apr 2003
PNAS $70/page$525/fig6 months ago
Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing $0 "Preprints"
PLoS Biology$1500 This month's
Quantitative Biology (arXiv) $0 "Preprints"

E-journals with full text available through MIT, Harvard, & Countway Libraries.

Harv - Bioinformatics
Harv - EMBO J.
Harv - Genomics
Harv - J.Mol. Biol.
Harv - Nucleic Acids Research
Harv - Nature
Harv - Nature Biotechnology
Harv - Science - JSTOR-Science

Functional genomics e-journals (limited access)
JournalAuthor feeWaiverColor feeMost recent free issue
OMICS* $1200/page + 275/fig
Physiological Genomics*
Harv - Functional & Integrative Genomics*
MIT - Genome Research $30/pageNeed
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