George M. Church's Tech Transfer, Advisory Roles, and Funding Sources (short url for this page:
The first date on each line indicates the year of company founding. (In parentheses are the dates & focus of my involvement.) Founder = F.

Genome Sequencing: (see also Next-gen overview and current genome prices)
Complete Genomics Sunnyvale CA 2006 BGI (2006-present; Next-gen sequencing services)
Danaher-Dover-Polonator Salem NH 2007 (2007-present; sequencing instrument)
Lynx - Solexa - Illumina   Hayward CA 1992; San Diego 1998 (2000-present; multiplex tags)
Genia Mountain View, CA (2011-present; then Roche; nanopores)
Ion Torrent Guilford, CT 2008 (2009-2013; then LifeTech then Thermo Fisher ; electronic sequencing)
IntelligentBioSystems (IBS, Qiagen) Waltham MA 2006 (2006-2012; Sequencing by Polymerase on beads)
LightSpeed Genomics Sunnyvale CA 2007 (2007-present; high-speed DNA sequencing)
Noblegen Biosciences Boston MA 2010 (2010-2014; optipore sequencing)
IBM Yorktown Heights, NY 1911 (2009-2012; DNA Sequencing).
NABsys Providence, RI 2005 (2010-present) SbH with nanopores.
Genapsys 2010 (2010-present) label-free nanosensor array sequencing.

Clinical and Consumer Genomic Diagnostics:
Arivale Seattle, WA 2015 (2015-present; omics and wellness)
AbVitro (then Juno) Boston MA 2010 (2010-present,F; Immunomes).
Alacris Pharmaceuticals (Qiagen) Berlin 2008 (2008-present,F; Cancer genomics & systems biology)
Androcyte Florida 2011 (2011-present; Supercentenarians)
AOBiome Cambridge MA 2013 (2013-present; Skin Microbes)
Ecoeos San Francisco 2013 (2013-present; Environmental chemicals and omics)
Fitbiomics Boston MA 2015 (2015-present; Wellness genomics)
Good Start Genetics Cambridge 2009 (2009-present; Molecular Diagnostics)
Genomera San Francisco 2010 (2010-present; Crowd-sourced Health Insight)
Genos San Francisco, 2016 (2016-present; Personal Genomics)
Knome, Inc. (then Tute) Cambridge MA 2007 (2007-present,F; Human Genome Sequencing)
SolveBio New York NY 2012 (2016-present; Computational genomics)
Med Data Quest (MDQ) San Diego CA 2015 (2015-present; Clinical genomics)
Pathway Genomics San Diego CA 2008 (2013-present; Personal Genomics)
ReadCoor Boston MA 2014 (2014-present,F; In situ Sequencing)
Searna Boston MA 2015 (2015-present; DNA enrichment diagnostics)
Veritas Genetics Danvers MA 2015 (2015-present,F; Clinical Genomics)
23andme Mountain View CA 2006 (2006-present; personal genomics)

Synthetic Biology, Nucleic Acid Memory, Stem Cells & Therapeutics:
Logic.Ink San Francisco, CA 2015 (2015-present; Data collecting temporary tattoos)
HelixNano San Francisco, CA 2016 (2016-present; DNA)
GRO Biosciences Cambridge, MA 2016 (2016-present; expanded genetic code)
Verge San Francisco CA 2015 (2015-present; Neurotherapeutics)
Skinome Santa Clara, CA 2016 (2016-present, personalize skin care)
Elysium Health New York, NY 2014 (2015-present; Aging & genomic nutritional supplements)
RejuvenateBio Boston MA 2016 (2016-present; Aging reversal)
Technicolor SA Issy-les-Moulineaux, France 1914 (2012-present; Nucleic Acid Memory)
BioViva Seattle WA 2015 (2015-present; anti-aging gene therapies)
Rejuvenatebio Boston MA 2015 (2015-present; aging-reversal gene therapies)
Caribou Biosciences Berkeley CA 2012 (2013-present; Cas9 tools) & Intellia 2014
Celemics Korea 2011 (2011-present; Genome engineering.)
Cellular Dynamics International (CDI) Madison WI 2006 (2009-present; iPS stem cells)
Editas Cambridge MA 2013 (2013-present,F; Cas9 gene therapy)
Egenesis Bio Boston MA 2013 (2013-present,F; Cas9 non-human applications)
EnEvolv Cambridge MA 2011 (2011-present,F; genome engineering)
Enzymatics Beverly MA 2006 (2006-2015; Qiagen Large-scale, high quality enzymes)
Gen9 Cambridge MA 2009 (2009-present,F; Synthetic Biology)
Genomatica   San Diego CA 2001 (2001-present; microbial metabolic models)
Genome Compiler Corp San Francisco CA 2011 (2011-present; Twist, Genome CAD)
Joule Unlimited Cambridge MA 2007 (2007-present,F; SolarFuels)
Pronutria 2011 (2011-2016; Axcella, nutritional synbio)
Single Cell Technology San Jose CA 2013 (2013-present, Therapeutic antibodies)
SeresHealth Cambridge MA 2012 (2012-present; microbiome therapeutics)
Sigma-Aldrich St. Louis 1934 (2009-2015; EMD, chemistry, cells, Board of Directors)
Transposagen Lexington KY 2003 (2014-present; Poseida Therapeutics, Hera Testing; Mammalian genome engineering)
Warp Drive Biosynthetics Boston MA 2011 (2011-present,F; Natural product synthesis)

Publishing and non-profit groups:
Centre for Study of Existential Risk (CSER) Cambridge UK 2013 (2013-present; Risk)
The Future of Life Institute (FLI) Cambridge MA 2014 (2014-present; technology risk management)
pgEd Boston MA 2006 (2013-present; personal genetics education)
Station for Natural Studies CT,MA 1986 (1986-present,F; genetics)
Arc Boston MA 2014 (2014-present, Biomed + IT fusion)
MindFirst Foundation Boston MA 2014 (2014-present,F; mental illnesses) Boston MA 2004 (2004-present,F; open-access genome & trait data)
Open Humans Boston MA 2016 (2016-present,F; open-access human bio-data) Boston MA 2009 (2009-present,F; DIYbio) Playa Vista CA 1996 (2005-2014; sequencing & energy)
Epstein Foundation St. Thomas, VI 2000 (2005-present; cutting edge science & education)
Edge Foundation 1988 (2005-present; science communication)
Scientific American 1845 (2008-present; editorial advisor)
Nature Publishing Group (NPG) 1869 (2005-present; senior editor, MSB)

Financial, Investment, Legal Consulting:
Flagship Ventures   Cambridge MA 2000 (2000-present; genomics & informatics)
Georgarage LLC   Delaware 2014 (2014-present; tech & biotech)
evalueSCIENCE 2011 (2011-2013; Science and policy advising)
Guidepoint Global (2009-2013; Genomics technologies)
Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) (2007-2013; Genomics technologies)
DeMatteo Monness LLC 1997 (2011-2013; DNA Sequencing)
ACLU, Supreme Court, Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics (2009; DNA diagnostics)
Supreme Court --Susman Godfrey LLP Amici Curiae Ebay & vs MercExchange LLC (2006; Intellectual Property)

Companies licensing Church lab patents or software:
Agilent Technologies Palo Alto 1999 (2001-present; nucleic acid nanopore sensors)
Oxford NanoPore Technologies Kidlington UK 2005 (2008)
Affymetrix (Affymax) Palo Alto CA 1993 (1990-2003; Oligonucleotide arrays)
Agencourt (then Beckman Coulter) Beverly MA 2000 (2003-2006; Polony bead sequencing by ligation)
Applied Biosystems Foster City CA 1981 (2003-2006; via Agencourt, polony bead sequencing by ligation)
Pyrosequencing (also Biotage - 454)   Stockholm 2000 (2001-2005; modified dNTPs for array sequencing)
Millipore Bedford,MA (1989-1990; multiplex sequencing) and 2009-2013 via EMD
Codon Devices (then Gen9) Cambridge MA 2005 (2005-2009,F; Constructive Biology)
Mosaic Technologies  (then Apogent, Illumina) Boston MA 1994 (1993-94 & 2000-2001; DNA diagnostics)

Past Advisory roles:
Pathogenica (then BioInnovation Solutions) Cambridge MA 2010 (2010-2014,F; Pathogencity and Drug resistance diagnostics)
LS9   San Francisco CA 2005 (2006-2014,F; then REG Inc., Biologically engineered fuels)
Telome Boston MA 2010 (2010-2014,F; Telomeres and aging)
PharmoRx   Wellesley MA 2005 (2005-2013; secure medication)
Bionanomatrix Philadelphia PA 2008 (2009-2010; Fluorescent mapping)
Azco Biotech Oceanside CA 2003 (2009-present; sequencing system)
Cambrian Genomics 2011 (2011-2014; nextgen DNA synthesis + synthesis)
DNAdirect  MEDCO San Francisco CA 2004 (2006-2010; DNA diagnostics)
Genizon Cantaloupe Quebec 2008 (2008-2010; In situ sequencing)
GreenFuel Technologies Corp. Cambridge MA 2004 (2005-2006; Photosynthetic CO2 emissions capture)
Halcyon Molecular Redwood City CA 2009 (2009-2012; Mbp read-length EM sequencing)
Pacific Biosciences Menlo Park CA 2004 (2008-2013; real-time single-molecule sequencing)
Helicos Biosciences Corp   Cambridge MA 2004 (2003-2012; Single-molecule DNA sequencing)
HySeq Chicago 1993 (1993; Sequencing by Hybridization)
Receptor Biologix   (then Symphogen San Francisco CA 2003 (2004-2007; alternative splicing)
Longenity Inc.; Boston MA 2001 (2001-2005; human aging)
Xeotron (then Invitrogen)  Houston TX 2000 Atactic (2001-2004; Light-directed DNA/RNA-microarray synthesis)
Genome Pharmaceuticals (see GPC Biotech, Alacris)     Martinsried, Germany 1998 (1998-2003; genomics for drug targets)
Caliper Technologies    (then PerkinElmer) Palo Alto CA 1995 (1994-2002; microfluidics)
CodonCode Corp.   Dedham MA 1996 (1996-2003); DNA sequencing software)
NEB Beverly MA 1975 (2009-2010; protein synthesis)
Qteros (formerly SunEthanol) Amherst MA 2007 (2007-2011; Biofuels)
BeyondGenomics   (then BGMedicine) Cambridge MA 2001 (2000-2004; biomarkers & systems biology)
EngeneOS (leading to: Epitome, CodonDevices, Gen9) Cambridge MA 2001 (2000-2005; Engineered Genetic Operating Systems)
GenProfile AG Berlin, Germany 1998 (1997-2001; multiplex haplotyping)
Adeptient Los Altos, CA 2000 (2001-2002; inkjet aerosols for drug delivery and array manufacture)
First Genetic Trust Chicago, IL 2001 (2001-2002; personal genetic information access)
Sangamo (Gendaq) Richmond CA 1995 (2000-2002; Zn-finger engineering)
Genome Therapeutics (Oscient & Agencourt, previously Collaborative Research Inc.)   Waltham MA 1961 & 1993 (1984 & 1989-1994; microbial genomes)
Biogen Inc.   Cambridge, MA 1978 (1984-1985; genomic sequencing)
Gamera (then Tecan LabCD) Medford MA 1995 (1998-2000; microfluidics)
FamilyGenetix Oxford, UK (2000-2001; Genetic patient history software & services)
Bruker Daltonics Billerica, MA 1960 (1993-1997; Mass-tags)
Biorad-Sadtler Philadelphia PA (1979-1981; DNA sequencing software)

Corporate research sponsors & collaborators not listed above:
Autodesk (2012-present; caDNAano & personal genomics)
Aventis, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer & Hoechst Marion Roussel   Paris, Frankfurt, Collegeville PA, etc. 1990 (1998-2001; computational functional genomics)
Merck KGaA (EMD) Darmstadt 1688 (2009-2012; protein synthesis)
MJ Research Inc. Waltham MA 1987 (1986-1995; Pulsed Electrophoresis & PCR)
Polytech Plastics. Cambridge MA 1982 (1982-1988; Sequencing electrotransfer devices)
Hamilton Company Reno NV 1957 (1986-1990; multisample handing syringes).
Intelligent Automation (then IBS) Cambridge MA (1992-1996; multipin array oligo synthesizer).
Eli Lilly Indianapolis IN, 1876 (1998; bioinformatics)
New England Nuclear (then NEN, Dupont/PerkinElmer) Boston MA 1956 (1982-1984; nylon membranes)

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