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This is intended to provide a complete listing of reagents and equipment (along with specific vendors and catalog numbers) for everything required to get going with the polony technology.  Again, we strongly urge users to stick to this reagent and equipment list, ordering the specific items listed from the specific vendors listed, and to only make substitutions after having clearly established a working implementation of the protocol.  This will improve the likelihood that all will work as predicted the first time around, and aids in troubleshooting if it does not.  There are of course obvious exceptions to this (e.g. the brand of your flat shaker).  The items listed here (along with the Starters Kit, if you choose to use it), should be all that you need to get started.  Costs are approximate.  If you notice reagents or equipment named in publications or experimental protocols that are not mentioned here, please let us know.


A microarray scanner is far and above the most expensive item on this list.  To date, we only have experience with Perkin-Elmer and Axon instruments.  We encourage you to take advantage of whatever equipment you have access to, and would be happy to send you test-slides (e.g. gels that are already amplified and labeled) if you wish to test the suitability of your scanning equipment.


Contact us if you are interested in the nucleotides with cleavable labels (e.g. Cy5-SS-dNTPs or Cy5-PC-dNTPs).



40% IEF Acrylamide (1000 mL) Amersham Biosciences 17-1301-01 86.00  
Acrylamide / Bis (19:1; 38%:2%) Roche 1-814-290 77.00  
DATD ((+)-N,Ną-diallyltartramide), 25 g Sigma-Aldrich 15,686-8 31.50  
APS (100 g) Sigma-Aldrich A-7460 35.10  
TEMED (25 mL) Sigma-Aldrich T-9281 18.00  
Teflon Coated Glass Slides (100 / pack) Erie Scientific 285W [white coat] 35.00   4 to 6 weeks for delivery is typical.
Glass Cover Slips (18 mm x 30 mm, #1) Fisher Scientific CUSTOM 300.00   4 to 6 weeks for delivery is typical.
125 uL FrameSeal Chambers (100 / pack) MJ Research SLF-1201 78.00   4 to 6 weeks for delivery is typical.
SA500 SecureSeal Chambers (50 / pack) Grace Biolabs 10484915 142.00   4 to 6 weeks for delivery is typical.
Plastic Coplin Jars (each) VWR 25457-200 5.75  
Glass Coplin Jars (6) Sigma-Aldrich S-5516 119.90
Black Box Slide Box Research Products Intl. F-44182 33.50
Black Box Slide Rack Research Products Intl. F-44180 11.75  
Molded Plastic Slide Storage Box (10) VWR 48444-004 76.80  
Large Glass Slide Bucket (3) Fisher Scientific 08-813C 249.39 Contact us if you find a vendor who sells these individually.
Metal Slide Holding Rack (6) Fisher Scientific 08-813A 619.42 Contact us if you find a vendor who sells these individually.
Jumpstart TAQ with 10x Buffer (w/ MgCl2) (250 U) Sigma-Aldrich D-9307 168.90  
30% BSA, 10 mL Sigma-Aldrich A-7284 23.85  
Klenow Polymerase (3'-5' exo-minus) NEB M0212M 200.00 High Concentration (50K Units / mL)
SSB (100 ug) USB 70032Y 84.00  
10 mM unlabeled dNTP mix (100 uL) Gibco-BRL 18427-013 54.00  
Hexane (500 mL) Sigma-Aldrich H-9379 39.90  
Tris-Hydrochloride JT Baker 4103-04 49.50  
Trizma Base (500 g) Sigma-Aldrich T-6066 46.65  
Acetic Acid, 99.5% Glacial (500 mL) Mallinckrodt UN2789 17.30  
Formamide (250 mL) Sigma-Aldrich F-5786 50.40  
Iodoacetamide (5 g) Sigma-Aldrich I-1149 27.40
2-mercatpoethanol (100 mL) Sigma-Aldrich M-6250 14.70
Tween-20  (100 mL) Sigma-Aldrich P-1379 12.30  
Triton X-100 (50 mL) Sigma-Aldrich T-8787 13.10  
Cy5-dATP Perkin Elmer / NEN Contact Vendor ???   Renaissance Product Line
Cy5-dGTP Perkin Elmer / NEN Contact Vendor ???   Renaissance Product Line
Cy5-dCTP (25 nmols) Amersham Biosciences PA-55021 295.00   100 nmols can be had for $475.00 
Cy5-dUTP (25 nmols) Amersham Biosciences PA-55022 295.00   100 nmols can be had for $475.00 
Argon Gas MedTech  11J12 30.00  
Bind Silane (25 mL) Amersham Biosciences 17-1330-01 80.00  
Sybr Green I (500 uL, 10,000x) Molecular Probes S-7563 149.00  
Sharpie Pen Staples 495190 1.59  
0.22 micron filters (150 / pack) Sigma-Aldrich Z35,549-6 239.80  
3cc Syringes (100 / pack) Becton-Dickinson 309585 15.10  
Tweezers (several pairs)        
Razor Blades        
15 mL polypropylene conicals        
ddH20 (autoclaved)        
Stir Bars        
AirClean 600 PCR Workstation AirClean Systems


ScanArray Express HT with Autoloader Perkin Elmer Life Sciences 80,000.00  
Thermal Cycler MJ Research ALD-0211 ???
Slide Cycling "16/16" Dual Block MJ Research PTC-0200 ???  
Desiccation Chamber        
Flat Shakers (one at RT and one at 70'C)        
70'C Incubator