Starter Kits (go back)


To facilitate dissemination of the polony technology, we are offering "starter kits" on request.  For the time-being, we are putting these together on an individual basis, depending on the goals and resources of the interested party.  In the near future, we anticipate standardizing the contents.  A typical starter kit might consist of the following:


    1.    pCR2-1-TABS3-D5         An 800 bp  linear, double-stranded template.

    2.    JCF-AC                            Acrydite-modified forward primer for amplification of the provided template.

    3.    JCR-UN                            Unmodified reverse primer for amplification of the provided template.

    4.    pCR2-1-SEQ-Cy3           Cy3-labeled sequencing primer for hybridization to an amplified slide.

    5.    A slide on which amplification and single base extension has already been performed.


The first four items are intended to allow the user to attempt the amplification protocol on a working template with working primers.  The 5th item is provided so that the user can test out whatever image acquisition equipment they have access to.


Let us know if you are interested in obtaining a starters kit.