Commercial sources of chips, nylon membranes, and glass slide microarrays for RNA quantitation:
Company Species* Array Type Approx. $/#genes
Affymetrix H,M,S,E chip $1K-3K / 6K
Atlas/Clontech H,M nylon $475 / 588
GEM/GenomeSystems H glass
GDA1.3/GenomeSystems H,M nylon $2K / 45K
Genosys E nylon $700 / 4K
Pathways/Research Genetics H,S,R nylon $3K / 5K
Synteni/Incyte H glass
*Species (Homo, Mus, Saccharomyces, Rattus, Escherichia)
Here is another summary for Atlas, Pathways, GDA

Nylon membranes can be reused up to 60 times;  Research Genetics says 5 times.
Affymetrix says no reuse of its chips.

Arraying and scanning equipment:
Company Array-System/Head-Tips/Scanner Price
Axon Instruments (GenePix 4000A) S
Affymetrix / HP S $180K
Beecher Instruments A,S
BioRobotics microGrid  A
Cartesian A $75
Genomic Solutions (GSI GeneTAC 2000, LS IV) A,S
General Scanning (GSI Lumonics 5000) S $90K
Genetic Microsystems (now part of Affymetrix) A,S $100K
Genometrix A,S
GeSim Nano-Plotter A
Intelligent Bio-Instruments A
Molecular Dynamics/Amersham A,S
Microfab Piezoelectric A
Molecular Devices S $65K
Precision S
Stanford A
Telechem H
Virtek (ChipReader) S $60K

Array analysis software:
Company Price
GDA1.3/GenomeSystems $7500
Atlas/Clontech $7200
Molecular Dynamics/Amersham
Pathways/Research Genetics $2850


Other web sites relevant to RNA Quantitation:
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Nature Genetics 21 no. 1 pp 25 - 32, Options available - from start to finish - for obtaining expression data by microarray by D. Bowtell

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