Computational Discovery of Overlapping Transcriptional Units in the Human & Mouse Genomes

Candidate UniGene cluster:UniGene Cluster Hs.164866
Description:hypothetical protein FLJ22558
Best-Of-UniGene (BOU) SequenceNM_022747
Genomic Coordiantes Displayed:Bases 4020000 to 4090000 of contig Hs14_28519_24
BOU Orientation Along Contig:LEFT-TO-RIGHT with respect to contig
Link to JPEG of genomic mappingHs.164866.jpeg
Best sense EST/protein match:NM_022747 matched ref|NP_073584.1| (NM_022747) hypothetical protein FLJ22558 [Homo sapiens] (E = 5e-79)
Best antisense EST/protein match:BI334780 matched sp|O75909|CYCK_HUMAN CYCLIN K (E = e-135)

This page provides information on exon-intron structure, mouse-human homologies, polyA signals & locations, and protein homologies of ESTs from directionally-cloned libraries that are members of a UniGene cluster that is a candidate for containing ESTs derived from distinct, overlapping sense & antisense transcripts.
The upper portion of the graph is reserved for the exon-intron mappings of ESTs oriented consistently with the Best-Of-UniGene (BOU) sequence (in gold). The lower portion of the graph is reserved for the exon-intron mappings of ESTs oriented opposite the BOU sequence (in white). Dividing these portions are the exon-intron mapping of the BOU sequence itself (in blue and green). Immedietely below the BOU are HUMMUS-defined streches of sequences highly conserved between mouse and human. The height of each bar is reflective of the % identity of human-mouse homology over a 100 base-pair window centered at a given base. At the left of the graph, the GenBank accession number of the BOU or EST sequence represented along that Y-axis position is listed, along with the UniLib identification number of the library from which that EST was derived.Below the graph, the GenBank accession numbers of each of the sense & antisense ESTs are provided, along with information on which have polyA signals and protein homologies, as determined by the NCBI.

Below are listed the same set of ESTs as is depicted above, with information of read direction, tissue type, protein similarity (P), and poly-adenylation signal (A).

  AI081289 cDNA clone IMAGE:1637530 germ cell 3' read 0.4 kb
  BI822914 cDNA clone IMAGE:5181396 pooled brain, lung, testis 5' read Protein similarity
  AI803760 cDNA clone IMAGE:2189252 stomach 3' read 2.1 kb
  AI950845 cDNA clone IMAGE:2547613 two pooled squamous cell carcinomas 3' read 0.7 kbPolyadenylation signal
  AW193459 cDNA clone IMAGE:2680535 pancreas 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  AW189612 cDNA clone IMAGE:2674099 uterus 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  AW027819 cDNA clone IMAGE:2533945 stomach 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  T73726 cDNA clone IMAGE:84388 liver 3' read 0.5 kbPolyadenylation signal
  AW189101 cDNA clone IMAGE:2674926 uterus 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  AI916400 cDNA clone IMAGE:2268469 uterus 3' read 0.4 kbPolyadenylation signal
  BG028061 cDNA clone IMAGE:4390199 osteosarcoma, cell line 5' read Polyadenylation signal
  F37679 cDNA clone NOTAVAIL05828 muscle
  AA706851 cDNA clone IMAGE:431426 pool 3' read
  AL043928 cDNA clone DKFZp434F1128 testis 3' read
  AW959005 cDNA clone (no-name)
  BG290605 cDNA clone IMAGE:4517946 transitional cell papilloma, cell line 5' read
  AW020408 cDNA clone IMAGE:2482968 ear 5' read
  BI964016 cDNA clone (no-name) islets of langerhans 5' read
  T73701 cDNA clone IMAGE:84388 liver 5' read 0.5 kb
  AA370112 cDNA clone ATCC:174631 prostate 5' read
  BF175162 cDNA clone (no-name) blood
  AA360685 cDNA clone ATCC:164804 lymph 5' read
  AA298483 cDNA clone ATCC:175002 prostate 5' read
  BE736543 cDNA clone IMAGE:3640514 adenocarcinoma 5' read
  BI258394 cDNA clone IMAGE:5112060 choriocarcinoma 5' read
  BM128751 cDNA clone (no-name) islets of langerhans 5' read
  BI831072 cDNA clone IMAGE:5172700 medulla 5' read Protein similarity
  BI870246 cDNA clone IMAGE:5403899 adenocarcinoma, cell line 5' read Protein similarity
  BE871279 cDNA clone IMAGE:3852642 adenocarcinoma 5' read Protein similarity
  BF725949 cDNA clone bx22a10 iris 5' read Protein similarity
  BE890532 cDNA clone IMAGE:3916968 melanotic melanoma 5' read Protein similarity
  BI334780 cDNA clone IMAGE:5141805 choriocarcinoma 5' read Protein similarity
  BI824151 cDNA clone IMAGE:5181409 pooled brain, lung, testis 5' read Protein similarity
  BI870089 cDNA clone IMAGE:5404022 adenocarcinoma, cell line 5' read Protein similarity
  BE883895 cDNA clone IMAGE:3907416 leiomyosarcoma 5' read Protein similarity
  BE783054 cDNA clone IMAGE:3874014 retinoblastoma 5' read Protein similarity
  BG914110 cDNA clone IMAGE:4937921 anaplastic oligodendroglioma with 1p/19q loss 5' read Protein similarity
  AL121493 cDNA clone DKFZp762O167 melanoma (mewo cell line) 5' read Protein similarity
  BG503760 cDNA clone IMAGE:4657256 embryonal carcinoma 5' read Protein similarity
  AL121470 cDNA clone DKFZp762M027 melanoma (mewo cell line) 5' read Protein similarity
  AU098514 cDNA clone CAS08956 Protein similarity
  AL121476 cDNA clone DKFZp762M067 melanoma (mewo cell line) 5' read Protein similarity
  W86018 cDNA clone IMAGE:416160 pool 5' read 1.5 kbProtein similarity


  BI819977 cDNA clone IMAGE:5176473 pooled brain, lung, testis 5' read
  BE383592 cDNA clone IMAGE:3628216 neuroblastoma 5' read
  BE261671 cDNA clone IMAGE:3502279 neuroblastoma 5' read
  BI333399 cDNA clone IMAGE:5139193 choriocarcinoma 5' read
  BG480382 cDNA clone IMAGE:4653157 choriocarcinoma 5' read
  BF313397 cDNA clone IMAGE:4129337 neuroblastoma 5' read
  BI198624 cDNA clone IMAGE:4893812 neuroblastoma 5' read
  BE383412 cDNA clone IMAGE:3628359 neuroblastoma 5' read
  BE313601 cDNA clone IMAGE:3163795 neuroblastoma 5' read
  BE884528 cDNA clone IMAGE:3908188 leiomyosarcoma 5' read
  BE261489 cDNA clone IMAGE:3163789 neuroblastoma 5' read
  BG425305 cDNA clone IMAGE:4585637 renal cell adenocarcinoma 5' read
  BG773584 cDNA clone IMAGE:4810348 choriocarcinoma 5' read
  BG474428 cDNA clone IMAGE:4648621 retinoblastoma 5' read
  BE254668 cDNA clone IMAGE:3355497 retinoblastoma 5' read
  BE730845 cDNA clone IMAGE:3844735 choriocarcinoma 5' read
  BE390698 cDNA clone IMAGE:3613459 endometrium, adenocarcinoma cell line 5' read
  BI457120 cDNA clone IMAGE:5258343 epithelioid carcinoma cell line 5' read
  BE378348 cDNA clone IMAGE:3608447 endometrium, adenocarcinoma cell line 5' read
  BE378965 cDNA clone IMAGE:3609789 endometrium, adenocarcinoma cell line 5' read