Computational Discovery of Overlapping Transcriptional Units in the Human & Mouse Genomes

Candidate UniGene cluster:UniGene Cluster Hs.283473
Description:hypothetical protein PRO2900
Best-Of-UniGene (BOU) SequenceNM_018635
Genomic Coordiantes Displayed:Bases 26000 to 54000 of contig Hs2_5573_24
BOU Orientation Along Contig:RIGHT-TO-LEFT with respect to contig
Link to JPEG of genomic mappingHs.283473.jpeg
Best sense EST/protein match:NM_018635 matched ref|NP_061105.1| (NM_018635) hypothetical protein PRO2900 [Homo sapiens] (E = 4e-37)
Best antisense EST/protein match:AA946654 matched gb|AAH14305.1|AAH14305 (BC014305) Similar to high density lipoprotein binding protein (E = 2e-38)

This page provides information on exon-intron structure, mouse-human homologies, polyA signals & locations, and protein homologies of ESTs from directionally-cloned libraries that are members of a UniGene cluster that is a candidate for containing ESTs derived from distinct, overlapping sense & antisense transcripts.
The upper portion of the graph is reserved for the exon-intron mappings of ESTs oriented consistently with the Best-Of-UniGene (BOU) sequence (in gold). The lower portion of the graph is reserved for the exon-intron mappings of ESTs oriented opposite the BOU sequence (in white). Dividing these portions are the exon-intron mapping of the BOU sequence itself (in blue and green). Immedietely below the BOU are HUMMUS-defined streches of sequences highly conserved between mouse and human. The height of each bar is reflective of the % identity of human-mouse homology over a 100 base-pair window centered at a given base. At the left of the graph, the GenBank accession number of the BOU or EST sequence represented along that Y-axis position is listed, along with the UniLib identification number of the library from which that EST was derived.Below the graph, the GenBank accession numbers of each of the sense & antisense ESTs are provided, along with information on which have polyA signals and protein homologies, as determined by the NCBI.

Below are listed the same set of ESTs as is depicted above, with information of read direction, tissue type, protein similarity (P), and poly-adenylation signal (A).

  AA962744 cDNA clone IMAGE:1573386 kidney 3' read Protein similarityPolyadenylation signal
  AU155382 cDNA clone OVARC1001823 ovary, tumor tissue 3' read Protein similarityPolyadenylation signal
  AA946654 cDNA clone IMAGE:1589142 kidney 3' read 0.4 kbProtein similarityPolyadenylation signal
  BF303749 cDNA clone IMAGE:4120517 rhabdomyosarcoma 5' read Protein similarity
  AA576181 cDNA clone IMAGE:1072630 breast 3' read
  BF690022 cDNA clone IMAGE:4298522 melanotic melanoma, high mdr (cell line) 3' read
  AA074448 cDNA clone IMAGE:525848 3' read 1.1 kb
  AU148785 cDNA clone NT2RM4000916 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  AA515560 cDNA clone IMAGE:979504 lung 3' read 1.6 kbPolyadenylation signal
  AU148869 cDNA clone NT2RM4001106 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  C17256 cDNA clone GEN542D03 aorta 5' read
  C16902 cDNA clone GEN534H02 aorta 5' read
  AA338784 cDNA clone ATCC:140640 brain 5' read
  BG470414 cDNA clone IMAGE:4660782 adenocarcinoma cell line 5' read Protein similarity
  AU125992 cDNA clone NT2RM4002531 5' read
  BG474569 cDNA clone IMAGE:4649316 retinoblastoma 5' read
  BG769363 cDNA clone IMAGE:4872203 melanotic melanoma, high mdr (cell line) 5' read
  BG760297 cDNA clone IMAGE:4840393 melanotic melanoma, high mdr (cell line) 5' read
  BE396107 cDNA clone IMAGE:3659194 endometrium, adenocarcinoma cell line 5' read
  H16279 cDNA clone IMAGE:49043 brain 5' read 0.8 kb
  BI858088 cDNA clone IMAGE:5392994 mammary adenocarcinoma, cell line 5' read
  BI913325 cDNA clone IMAGE:5244286 brain 5' read
  AV708315 cDNA clone ADCAQA03 adrenal gland 5' read
  BE379268 cDNA clone IMAGE:3608903 endometrium, adenocarcinoma cell line 5' read Protein similarity
  BG925303 cDNA clone (no-name) cartilage
  BM051179 cDNA clone IMAGE:5424986 normal pigmented retinal epithelium 5' read
  BG818182 cDNA clone IMAGE:4915167 anaplastic oligodendroglioma with 1p/19q loss 5' read
  AA938587 cDNA clone IMAGE:1574032 kidney 3' read 0.5 kbPolyadenylation signal
  T55527 cDNA clone IMAGE:73477 spleen 5' read 0.6 kb
  BG927214 cDNA clone (no-name) cartilage
  AV708602 cDNA clone ADCAPF07 adrenal gland 5' read
  AV705758 cDNA clone ADBBGA09 adrenal gland 5' read
  BE894934 cDNA clone IMAGE:3920936 melanotic melanoma 5' read
  C15537 cDNA clone GEN150A01 aorta 5' read
  BF671095 cDNA clone IMAGE:4292069 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BE535218 cDNA clone IMAGE:3445263 placenta 5' read
  C15460 cDNA clone GEN146E12 aorta 5' read
  D60554 cDNA clone GEN116E06 brain 5' read
  D81353 cDNA clone GEN159A12 brain 5' read
  C15435 cDNA clone GEN145D03 aorta 5' read
  BM043183 cDNA clone IMAGE:5432774 carcinoma, cell line 5' read
  D80798 cDNA clone GEN107B01 brain 5' read
  BE389051 cDNA clone IMAGE:3613536 endometrium, adenocarcinoma cell line 5' read
  BG028451 cDNA clone IMAGE:4389158 osteosarcoma, cell line 5' read
  BG564456 cDNA clone IMAGE:4712640 liver 5' read
  F35569 cDNA clone s4v000160-0/C11 muscle
  BE378479 cDNA clone IMAGE:3608465 endometrium, adenocarcinoma cell line 5' read
  AA171938 cDNA clone IMAGE:610410 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  D80797 cDNA clone GEN107B01 brain 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  AI648628 cDNA clone IMAGE:2268352 uterus 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  D80920 cDNA clone GEN116E06 brain 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  AI858154 cDNA clone IMAGE:2427692 uterus 3' read 2.1 kbPolyadenylation signal
  T55446 cDNA clone IMAGE:73475 spleen 3' read 0.9 kbPolyadenylation signal
  AI049732 cDNA clone IMAGE:1700837 kidney 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  BE677678 cDNA clone IMAGE:3280221 dorsal root ganglia 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  AI434711 cDNA clone IMAGE:2132884 lymph 3' read 1.3 kb


  AW069814 cDNA clone HBMSC_cr52a02 bone 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  R29368 cDNA clone F1489D liver 5' read
  AI084798 cDNA clone IMAGE:1681637 3' read 1.2 kb