Computational Discovery of Overlapping Transcriptional Units in the Human & Mouse Genomes

Candidate UniGene cluster:UniGene Cluster Hs.40337
Description:hypothetical protein
Best-Of-UniGene (BOU) SequenceNM_019083
Genomic Coordiantes Displayed:Bases 78000 to 162000 of contig Hs1_4609_24
BOU Orientation Along Contig:RIGHT-TO-LEFT with respect to contig
Link to JPEG of genomic mappingHs.40337.jpeg
Best sense EST/protein match:AU138229 matched ref|NP_061956.1| (NM_019083) hypothetical protein FLJ11219 [Homo sapiens] (E = e-116)
Best antisense EST/protein match:BF670880 matched gb|AAH09613.1|AAH09613 (BC009613) Similar to RIKEN cDNA 2010005E21 gene [Homo sapiens] (E = 5e-89)

This page provides information on exon-intron structure, mouse-human homologies, polyA signals & locations, and protein homologies of ESTs from directionally-cloned libraries that are members of a UniGene cluster that is a candidate for containing ESTs derived from distinct, overlapping sense & antisense transcripts.
The upper portion of the graph is reserved for the exon-intron mappings of ESTs oriented consistently with the Best-Of-UniGene (BOU) sequence (in gold). The lower portion of the graph is reserved for the exon-intron mappings of ESTs oriented opposite the BOU sequence (in white). Dividing these portions are the exon-intron mapping of the BOU sequence itself (in blue and green). Immedietely below the BOU are HUMMUS-defined streches of sequences highly conserved between mouse and human. The height of each bar is reflective of the % identity of human-mouse homology over a 100 base-pair window centered at a given base. At the left of the graph, the GenBank accession number of the BOU or EST sequence represented along that Y-axis position is listed, along with the UniLib identification number of the library from which that EST was derived.Below the graph, the GenBank accession numbers of each of the sense & antisense ESTs are provided, along with information on which have polyA signals and protein homologies, as determined by the NCBI.

Below are listed the same set of ESTs as is depicted above, with information of read direction, tissue type, protein similarity (P), and poly-adenylation signal (A).

  AA090546 cDNA clone (no-name) heart 5' read
  BF126092 cDNA clone IMAGE:3934161 liver 5' read
  BF692838 cDNA clone IMAGE:4244579 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF692935 cDNA clone IMAGE:4244873 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF575591 cDNA clone IMAGE:4288723 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF693670 cDNA clone IMAGE:4246262 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  R05655 cDNA clone IMAGE:29395 brain 5' read 1.9 kb
  BF574280 cDNA clone IMAGE:4270981 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  N55795 cDNA clone J2857 heart 5' read
  BF694524 cDNA clone IMAGE:4245944 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BG623333 cDNA clone IMAGE:4769680 placenta 5' read
  BF575706 cDNA clone IMAGE:4290318 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF670311 cDNA clone IMAGE:4290858 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF574451 cDNA clone IMAGE:4270770 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF791145 cDNA clone IMAGE:4338680 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF670997 cDNA clone IMAGE:4292041 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF693436 cDNA clone IMAGE:4245734 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF575718 cDNA clone IMAGE:4290656 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF670390 cDNA clone IMAGE:4291456 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF574455 cDNA clone IMAGE:4271010 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF790726 cDNA clone IMAGE:4338278 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF790103 cDNA clone IMAGE:4327860 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF789982 cDNA clone IMAGE:4328173 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF576216 cDNA clone IMAGE:4272231 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF575331 cDNA clone IMAGE:4289054 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF726947 cDNA clone by14e04 lens 5' read
  BF670647 cDNA clone IMAGE:4290788 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  AL600461 cDNA clone DKFZp313L0833 5' read
  AL600743 cDNA clone DKFZp313O2135 5' read
  AL600691 cDNA clone DKFZp313C2135 5' read
  BF576233 cDNA clone IMAGE:4271997 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  R30707 cDNA clone F9574 heart 5' read
  N89455 cDNA clone LY1148 heart 5' read
  BF670880 cDNA clone IMAGE:4291192 muscle (skeletal) 5' read Protein similarity
  AA335032 cDNA clone ATCC:136721 whole embryo 5' read
  AW958154 cDNA clone (no-name)
  BF790469 cDNA clone IMAGE:4337744 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  BF672621 cDNA clone IMAGE:4293170 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  AA214130 cDNA clone IMAGE:562359 muscle 5' read 0.7 kb
  R05656 cDNA clone IMAGE:29395 brain 3' read 1.9 kbPolyadenylation signal
  BF577357 cDNA clone IMAGE:4290165 muscle (skeletal) 5' read
  F27801 cDNA clone s4000020H09 muscle


  AI744364 cDNA clone IMAGE:2217875 ovary 3' read
  BI762940 cDNA clone IMAGE:5188464 pooled colon, kidney, stomach 5' read
  R17852 cDNA clone IMAGE:31682 brain 5' read 1.9 kb
  R36733 cDNA clone IMAGE:31308 brain 5' read 1.5 kb
  Z43901 cDNA clone c1nd12 brain
  AI874119 cDNA clone IMAGE:2439278 uterus 3' read 4.4 kbPolyadenylation signal
  AV701459 cDNA clone ADAAGA01 adrenal gland 5' read Polyadenylation signal
  AA377261 cDNA clone ATCC:181668 small intestine 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  BF197731 cDNA clone IMAGE:3652905 skin, normal, 4 pooled samples 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  D59546 cDNA clone GEN045D07 brain 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  AI922312 cDNA clone IMAGE:2453138 uterus 3' read 1.6 kbPolyadenylation signal
  AI922321 cDNA clone IMAGE:2453137 uterus 3' read 1.6 kbPolyadenylation signal
  AU157527 cDNA clone PLACE1008122 placenta 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  AI922313 cDNA clone IMAGE:2453140 uterus 3' read 1.6 kbPolyadenylation signal
  AU145467 cDNA clone HEMBA1004910 whole embryo, mainly head 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  AA377262 cDNA clone ATCC:181668 small intestine 5' read
  AW958214 cDNA clone (no-name)
  BI770153 cDNA clone IMAGE:5203019 pooled lung and spleen 5' read
  AU119036 cDNA clone HEMBA1004910 whole embryo, mainly head 5' read
  BF247432 cDNA clone IMAGE:4068869 hypernephroma 5' read Protein similarity
  AL040239 cDNA clone DKFZp434I1813 testis 5' read
  BG531150 cDNA clone IMAGE:4699478 embryonal carcinoma 5' read
  AV755592 cDNA clone BMFAPA09 bone marrow 5' read
  AW474317 cDNA clone IMAGE:2771048 uterus 3' read
  BG253577 cDNA clone IMAGE:4472644 adenocarcinoma, cell line 5' read
  AA329917 cDNA clone ATCC:131587 whole embryo 5' read Protein similarity
  BG255616 cDNA clone IMAGE:4475816 adenocarcinoma, cell line 5' read
  BI753954 cDNA clone IMAGE:5193738 brain 5' read Protein similarity
  BG393852 cDNA clone IMAGE:4525179 embryonal carcinoma, cell line 5' read Protein similarity
  AU146750 cDNA clone HEMBB1001387 whole embryo, mainly body 3' read
  BI827026 cDNA clone IMAGE:5167672 medulla 5' read Protein similarity
  BG531263 cDNA clone IMAGE:4699485 embryonal carcinoma 5' read Protein similarity
  BE886117 cDNA clone IMAGE:3911305 leiomyosarcoma 5' read Protein similarity
  BI224598 cDNA clone IMAGE:5104751 choriocarcinoma 5' read Protein similarity
  AU138229 cDNA clone PLACE1008122 placenta 5' read Protein similarity
  BI461870 cDNA clone IMAGE:5273207 testis, cell line 5' read Protein similarity
  BG718756 cDNA clone IMAGE:4828752 testis, cell line 5' read Protein similarity
  AU120776 cDNA clone HEMBB1001387 whole embryo, mainly body 5' read Protein similarity
  BI770934 cDNA clone IMAGE:5208973 pooled lung and spleen 5' read Protein similarity