Computational Discovery of Overlapping Transcriptional Units in the Human & Mouse Genomes

Candidate UniGene cluster:UniGene Cluster Hs.93121
Description:Mid-1-related chloride channel 1
Best-Of-UniGene (BOU) SequenceAB018304
Genomic Coordiantes Displayed:Bases 2311000 to 2374000 of contig Hs1_5123_24
BOU Orientation Along Contig:LEFT-TO-RIGHT with respect to contig
Link to JPEG of genomic mappingHs.93121.jpeg
Best sense EST/protein match:BF025946 matched ref|NP_055942.1| (NM_015127) KIAA0761 protein [Homo sapiens] (E = 2e-86)
Best antisense EST/protein match:BG771045 matched ref|NP_037428.1| (NM_013296) LGN protein [Homo sapiens] (E = 1e-59)

This page provides information on exon-intron structure, mouse-human homologies, polyA signals & locations, and protein homologies of ESTs from directionally-cloned libraries that are members of a UniGene cluster that is a candidate for containing ESTs derived from distinct, overlapping sense & antisense transcripts.
The upper portion of the graph is reserved for the exon-intron mappings of ESTs oriented consistently with the Best-Of-UniGene (BOU) sequence (in gold). The lower portion of the graph is reserved for the exon-intron mappings of ESTs oriented opposite the BOU sequence (in white). Dividing these portions are the exon-intron mapping of the BOU sequence itself (in blue and green). Immedietely below the BOU are HUMMUS-defined streches of sequences highly conserved between mouse and human. The height of each bar is reflective of the % identity of human-mouse homology over a 100 base-pair window centered at a given base. At the left of the graph, the GenBank accession number of the BOU or EST sequence represented along that Y-axis position is listed, along with the UniLib identification number of the library from which that EST was derived.Below the graph, the GenBank accession numbers of each of the sense & antisense ESTs are provided, along with information on which have polyA signals and protein homologies, as determined by the NCBI.

Below are listed the same set of ESTs as is depicted above, with information of read direction, tissue type, protein similarity (P), and poly-adenylation signal (A).

  AA308094 cDNA clone ATCC:111893 5' read Protein similarity
  F24788 cDNA clone s4000019F05 muscle Protein similarity
  AA112426 cDNA clone IMAGE:526863 5' read Protein similarity
  AA306530 cDNA clone ATCC:160647 5' read
  AI249103 cDNA clone IMAGE:1850359 pool 3' read 0.4 kb
  AI832781 cDNA clone IMAGE:2377522 colon 3' read
  AA694348 cDNA clone IMAGE:433966 pool 3' read
  BE542146 cDNA clone IMAGE:3452728 placenta 5' read
  AU153449 cDNA clone NT2RP3003213 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  AA704898 cDNA clone IMAGE:461362 pool 3' read
  AA705562 cDNA clone IMAGE:462398 pool 3' read
  AW411291 cDNA clone IMAGE:2964550 rhabdomyosarcoma 3' read Protein similarity
  BG029856 cDNA clone IMAGE:4390990 mammary adenocarcinoma, cell line 5' read
  R46693 cDNA clone IMAGE:36381 brain 3' read 1.2 kb
  AI446154 cDNA clone IMAGE:2140831 stomach 3' read 1.1 kb
  BG771045 cDNA clone IMAGE:4839792 adenocarcinoma 5' read Protein similarity


  BF027606 cDNA clone IMAGE:3953674 melanotic melanoma 5' read
  BF171061 cDNA clone (no-name) blood
  BE257916 cDNA clone IMAGE:3350505 retinoblastoma 5' read
  AA375206 cDNA clone ATCC:179686 5' read Protein similarity
  BE887889 cDNA clone IMAGE:3912691 leiomyosarcoma 5' read
  BE274308 cDNA clone IMAGE:2967383 melanotic melanoma 5' read
  BF025946 cDNA clone IMAGE:3952785 melanotic melanoma 5' read
  AA132585 cDNA clone IMAGE:587430 5' read 1.7 kb
  BM011314 cDNA clone IMAGE:5457837 neuroblastoma, cell line 5' read
  BE539657 cDNA clone IMAGE:3446101 placenta 5' read Protein similarity
  BG675565 cDNA clone IMAGE:4746928 squamous cell carcinoma 5' read
  BF791517 cDNA clone IMAGE:4343779 adrenal cortex carcinoma, cell line 5' read
  AW518849 cDNA clone IMAGE:2876614 pancreas 3' read Protein similarityPolyadenylation signal
  AL119069 cDNA clone DKFZp761C0112 amygdala 5' read
  BI913559 cDNA clone IMAGE:5244290 brain 5' read Protein similarity
  AW087338 cDNA clone IMAGE:2579522 esophagus 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  AI073735 cDNA clone IMAGE:1664903 3' read 0.8 kb
  BG684208 cDNA clone IMAGE:4763673 primary b-cells from tonsils (cell line) 5' read
  AL135639 cDNA clone DKFZp762J074 melanoma (mewo cell line) 5' read
  AI858632 cDNA clone IMAGE:2427413 uterus 3' read 0.6 kb
  BF794156 cDNA clone IMAGE:4338777 lymphoma, cell line 5' read
  AW768439 cDNA clone IMAGE:3001070 lymph 3' read
  AI370302 cDNA clone IMAGE:1987508 uterus 3' read 2.2 kb
  AW630241 cDNA clone IMAGE:2969093 2 pooled high-grade transitional cell tumors 5' read
  BF206174 cDNA clone IMAGE:4098133 neuroblastoma 5' read Protein similarity
  BF316952 cDNA clone IMAGE:4136329 neuroblastoma 5' read Protein similarity
  BE262697 cDNA clone IMAGE:3502328 neuroblastoma 5' read
  BG287370 cDNA clone IMAGE:4499745 transitional cell papilloma, cell line 5' read
  AI865895 cDNA clone IMAGE:2422462 pancreas 3' read 1.4 kbPolyadenylation signal
  AW613755 cDNA clone IMAGE:2969093 2 pooled high-grade transitional cell tumors 3' read Polyadenylation signal