Computational Discovery of Overlapping Transcriptional Units in the Human & Mouse Genomes

Candidate UniGene cluster:UniGene Cluster Mm.455
Description:transcription factor 1
Best-Of-UniGene (BOU) SequenceNM_009327
Genomic Coordiantes Displayed:Bases 372019 to 412181 of contig GA_x5J8B7W5JQ8
BOU Orientation Along Contig:RIGHT-TO-LEFT with respect to contig
Link to JPEG of genomic mappingMm.455.jpeg
Best sense EST/protein match:BI330966 matched ref|NP_036801.1| (NM_012669) transcription factor 1, hepatic; LF-B1, hepatic nuclear (E = e-119)
Best antisense EST/protein match:AW012064 matched dbj|BAB25869.1| (AK008740) data source:SPTR, source key:Q9H9Z7, (E = 1e-70)

This page provides information on exon-intron structure, mouse-human homologies, polyA signals & locations, and protein homologies of ESTs from directionally-cloned libraries that are members of a UniGene cluster that is a candidate for containing ESTs derived from distinct, overlapping sense & antisense transcripts.
The upper portion of the graph is reserved for the exon-intron mappings of ESTs oriented consistently with the Best-Of-UniGene (BOU) sequence (in gold). The lower portion of the graph is reserved for the exon-intron mappings of ESTs oriented opposite the BOU sequence (in white). Dividing these portions are the exon-intron mapping of the BOU sequence itself (in blue and green). Immedietely below the BOU are HUMMUS-defined streches of sequences highly conserved between mouse and human. The height of each bar is reflective of the % identity of human-mouse homology over a 100 base-pair window centered at a given base. At the left of the graph, the GenBank accession number of the BOU or EST sequence represented along that Y-axis position is listed, along with the UniLib identification number of the library from which that EST was derived.Below the graph, the GenBank accession numbers of each of the sense & antisense ESTs are provided, along with information on which have polyA signals and protein homologies, as determined by the NCBI.

Below are listed the same set of ESTs as is depicted above, with information of read direction, tissue type, protein similarity (P), and poly-adenylation signal (A).

  BI079945 cDNA clone IMAGE:5007828 tumor, biopsy sample 5' read
  W62953 cDNA clone IMAGE:385133 embryo 5' read
  AW012064 cDNA clone IMAGE:2182292 kidney 5' read
  BI649929 cDNA clone IMAGE:5337307 tumor, gross tissue 5' read
  BG963370 cDNA clone IMAGE:4982352 colon 5' read
  BI078292 cDNA clone IMAGE:5004536 tumor, biopsy sample 5' read
  BG175295 cDNA clone IMAGE:4460505 tumor, biopsy sample 5' read
  AW543207 cDNA clone C0166H11 3' read
  AA451246 cDNA clone IMAGE:850392 mammary gland 5' read
  BF578572 cDNA clone IMAGE:4207603 colon 5' read
  AA691767 cDNA clone IMAGE:1180827 muscle 5' read
  BF537877 cDNA clone IMAGE:4188891 salivary gland 5' read
  BG869693 cDNA clone IMAGE:4921121 salivary gland 5' read
  AA467043 cDNA clone IMAGE:831701 mammary gland 5' read
  AA072414 cDNA clone IMAGE:533903 macrophage 5' read
  AA574603 cDNA clone IMAGE:991667 embryo 5' read
  AA137841 cDNA clone IMAGE:596160 spleen 5' read
  AI987745 cDNA clone IMAGE:2182292 kidney 3' read
  BG076998 cDNA clone H3009F06 5' read
  AI182209 cDNA clone IMAGE:1430780 mammary gland 5' read
  BI556380 cDNA clone IMAGE:5290491 tumor, gross tissue 5' read Polyadenylation signal
  W65550 cDNA clone IMAGE:387213 embryo 5' read
  AA967057 cDNA clone IMAGE:1349138 mammary gland 5' read
  AW538550 cDNA clone C0109A03 3' read Polyadenylation signal
  BG063633 cDNA clone H3009F06 3' read Polyadenylation signal


  BF531350 cDNA clone IMAGE:4206005 colon 5' read
  AA245829 cDNA clone IMAGE:681755 liver 5' read
  AA617035 cDNA clone IMAGE:904406 colon 5' read
  AI390611 cDNA clone IMAGE:681755 liver 5' read
  AI427460 cDNA clone IMAGE:475809 embryo 3' read
  AA212671 cDNA clone IMAGE:676848 liver 5' read
  AA002535 cDNA clone IMAGE:427569 embryo 5' read
  AI509960 cDNA clone IMAGE:475809 embryo 5' read
  AA049898 cDNA clone IMAGE:475809 embryo 5' read
  AA051719 cDNA clone IMAGE:480103 embryo 5' read
  W44310 cDNA clone IMAGE:354870 embryo 5' read
  BI332737 cDNA clone IMAGE:5137247 liver 5' read Protein similarity
  BI330550 cDNA clone IMAGE:5134484 liver 5' read Protein similarity
  BI330966 cDNA clone IMAGE:5135897 liver 5' read Protein similarity
  BF235072 cDNA clone IMAGE:4162857 liver 5' read Protein similarity
  BF579360 cDNA clone IMAGE:4215517 colon 5' read Protein similarity