I have moved to Columbia University

Dana Pe'er

Church Lab
Genetics Department
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA 02115

Phone (617) 372-0537, Fax (617) 432-6513

Email dpeer#genetics.med.harvard.edu

I am now an assistant professor at the Department of Biological Sciences at Columbia University in the City of New York . My homepage has moved!
Previously, I was a fellow at the Church Lab in the Department of Genetics , Harvard Medical School .
I finished my PhD in the School of Computers Science and Engineering, Hebrew University of Jerusalem working with Prof. Nir Friedman.

Ph.D. Disseration

Research Interests

My research focuses on understanding the design and function of molecular networks. With the advent of high throughput genomic and proteomic technologies, biology is experiencing an explosion of new experimental results. A major challenge is to use this data to reveal a coherent systems level view of the cell. My objective is to use computational learning techniques to understand the architecture of molecular networks and elucidate a global view of how the molecular network processes combinations of signals to compute and execute a concerted cellular decision and response. My approach uses Bayesian network inference algorithms to reconstruct models of molecular networks by integrating diverse high throughput data. These models are then used to generate predictions of the systems behavior underd different conditions and illuminates the roles of various components causing these behaviors. Recently the approach was successfully applied to the derivation of causal influences in human signaling networks. The method automatically discovered de novo, most traditionally established influences between the measured signaling components, as well as discovering novel inter-pathway crosstalk, which was experimentally verified.