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Dataset Name Hol_srb5_del: SRB5 deletion data
Dataset Number 10
Short Description expression levels as affected by deletion of SRB5
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Reference Holstege FC; Jennings EG; Wyrick JJ; Lee TI; Hengartner
CJ; Green MR; Golub TR; Lander ES; Young RA, Dissecting the regulatory
circuitry of a eukaryotic genome, Cell 1998 Nov 25;95(5):717-28
Strains Z651 (S288C genetic background)
MATa, ura3-52, leu2-3,112, his3Delta200, srb5Delta1::hisG::URA3::hisG
Conditions YPD Medium,
strain grown at 30 degrees to an OD of about 0.6 before harvesting cells
Date Added to ExpressDB Feb 8 1999 4:48:01:886PM
Number of Measures on ExpressDB 10 (here to download dataset and view measure details)
Long Description Data Set loaded by Wayne.
wt strain is Z579 (MATa, ura3-52, leu2-3,112, his3Delta200, srb4Delta2::HIS3 [RY2844 (AMP, CEN, LEU2, SRB4+)])
Medline Abstract - Genome-wide expression analysis was
used to identify genes whose expression depends on the functions of
key components of the transcription initiation machinery in
yeast. Components of the polymerase II holoenzyme, the general
transcription factor TFIID, and the SAGA chromatin modification
complex were found to have roles in expression of distinct sets of
genes. The results reveal an unanticipated level of regulation which
is superimposed on that due to gene-specific transcription factors, a
novel mechanism for coordinate regulation of specific sets of genes
when cells encounter limiting nutrients, and evidence that the
ultimate targets of signal transduction pathways can be identified
within the initiation apparatus.

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