Expression Data Set 16 details

Information Item Value
Dataset Name Cho: mitotic cell cycle
Dataset Number 16
Short Description 17 time points of expression data for synchronized yeast cells
Source URL A link at
Reference Cho, Campbell, et. al., "A Genome-Wide Transcriptional Analysis of the Mitotic Cell Cycle", Molecular Cell (2), pp.65-73 (1998)
Strains W101 cdc28-13ts
Conditions YPD + adenine; grown to 8e6 cells/ml at 37 degrees C for 165 minutes, then at 25 degrees
Date Added to ExpressDB Feb 10 1999 11:02:12:813AM
Number of Measures on ExpressDB 18 (here to download dataset and view measure details)
Long Description Cell-cycle arrested yeast cells are synchronized by being held at a restrictive temperature and then released at t=0. RNA expression via Affymetrix chips is measured every 10 minutes until t=160. Data up to t=40 reflects temperature-induced as well as cell-cycle effects.

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