Files containing lists of Research Genetics intergenic regions used in Church Lab Microarrays

These data files contain these lists in tab-delimited form suitable for loading into a spreadsheet. To download a file, right click on the file name and select "Save Link As" (Netscape) or "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) on the menu that appears.


Note that the vast majority of Features in this list are not representative of the SGD Feature they are linked to. All those whose names begin with "i" or with "Int" represent intergenic regions located downstream from the SGD Feature.


You can also download the following files which show chromosome location coordinates for each integenic region that is represented as well as for a number of ORF and intergenic regions that are not represented. These coordinates are specific to the named entity rather than for the named Feature they are near, but the coordinates reflect the chromosome sequences available from SGD in 1998. Since then most of the chromosome sequences have been updated with mostly minor corrections, except for the mitochondrial sequence (chromosome Q) which was not completed until 1999. Thus in many cases the coordinates provided are offset a small number of bases from the actual coordinates in the currently available sequences. You can determine the offset by comparing the location annotations from SGD for each actual Feature with those provided by Research Genetics. In very rare instances the length and/or exon structure of a sequence has been changed since 1998.


You can visit the SGD database web site at to find more information about any Feature with an SGDID reported.


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