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Dataset Name mRNA Decay Study
Dataset Number 62
Short Description Data measuring the half-lives of each yeast mRNA after thermal inactivation of a
temperature-sensitive RNA polymerase II.
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Reference Wang, Y; Liu, CL; Storey, JD; Tibshirani, RJ; Herschlag, D; O'Brien, PO;
Precision and functional specificity in mRNA decay.;
Proc Nat Acad Sci 99: 5860-5865 (2002)
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Date Added to ExpressDB May 21 2002 3:40:30:780PM
Number of Measures on ExpressDB 76 (here to download dataset and view measure details)
Long Description Posttranscriptional processing of mRNA is an integral component
of the gene expression program. By using DNA microarrays, we
precisely measured the decay of each yeast mRNA, after thermal
inactivation of a temperature-sensitive RNA polymerase II. The
half-lives varied widely, ranging from ~3 min to more than 90 min.
We found no simple correlation between mRNA half-lives and ORF
size, codon bias, ribosome density, or abundance. However, the
decay rates of mRNAs encoding groups of proteins that act
together in stoichiometric complexes were generally closely
matched, and other evidence pointed to a more general relationship
between physiological function and mRNA turnover rates. The
results provide strong evidence that precise control of the decay of
each mRNA is a fundamental feature of the gene expression
program in yeast.

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