Recent PGP-relevant Ethical, Legal, Social Issues (ELSI) news:


10-Aug-2006 US Government Accountability Office (GAO) slams nutrigenomic tests

21-Nov-2006 PGP ELSI team comments on the NIH-GWAS

12-Dec-2006 PGP ELSI white paper on informed consent (Apr-2007; original Aug-2006).

26-Dec-2006 Spread of Records Stirs Patient Fears of Privacy Erosion(WSJ)

2-Apr-2007 In DNA age, genealogy is anything but a staid hobby Amy Harmon.

ELSI Resources:

Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues of the International Genetic Epidemiology Society

Genomics and Personalized Medicine Act of 2006 [S.3822, Obama, D-IL]

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) of 2007 [H.R.493, Slaughter, Biggert, Eshoo, Walden, passed 420-3, 25-Apr] , [S.358, Snowe, Kennedy, Enzi, Dodd] ; 2005 [HR1227, Biggert, R-IL] , [ S. 306, Snowe, R-ME] ; 2003 [H.R.1910, Slaughter, D-NY], [S.1053, Snowe, R-ME]

Coalition for Genetic Fairness

Harvard Ethics Training in Human Research Certificates: George Church 16-Jan-07

Misha Angrist (Science Editor, Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy, IGSP).

Dan Brock (Harvard Program in Ethics & Health)

Michael Burgess (UBC)

Timothy Caufield (Alberta)

Ruth Chadwick (CESAGen, Cardiff Univ.)

Mildred Cho (Stanford)

Robert Cook-Deegan (Director, Duke Center for Genome Ethics, Law, & Policy).

Lisa Geller (WilmerHale IP Dept).

Eric Juengst & (CWRU Center for Biomedical Ethics)

Jeantine Lunshof (EMGO Institute, Amsterdam)

Loren Lomasky (Virginia)

Amy McGuire (Baylor)

Paul Rabinow (UC Berkeley)

John Robertson (Univ of Texas School of Law)
Peter Singer (U Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics)

Daniel Vorhaus (Harvard Law)

Laurie Zoloth (Director, Bioethics, Center for Genetic Medicine, Northwestern Univ)