Posted Nov-2007: Personal Genome Project (PGP) Advice & Support.

The PGP has recieved grant (restricted to biomedical research) from:
  • The Broad Inst. of Harvard and MIT

    The PGP has recieved financial support in the form of unrestricted gifts from:

  • Google
  • COUQ Foundation
  • Orbimed

    Relevant grants (restricted to non-human-subjects) technology development from:


    The PGP has recieved unrestricted royalty donations via Harvard and George Church from:

  • Applied Biosystems
  • Agencourt
  • Helicos
  • Lynx (Solexa/Illumina)
  • Complete Genomics Inc.

    The PGP has benefitted from considerable technological help and advice from some of the companies above as well as others listed on our 2nd generation sequencing page and DanaherMotion and Enzymatics Inc. We are grateful to these companies who understand and support this experiment in non-profit, open-source hardware, software, and wetware and open-access data.

    PGP volunteers have donated blood, information, advice and in many cases, funding.

    The PGP has recieved advice from the HMS/HSDM IRB, PGP-DSMC and ELSI Advisors and NHGRI staff. The Open access database approach to comprehensive integrated gene, environment, and trait data has been approved by the following Institutional Review Boards (IRB):

  • Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine
  • MIT
  • Partner's Healthcare
  • University of California San Diego (UCSD).

    Similar human-subjects research protocols are being submitted in Germany, China, and Canada and will be posted here when/if approved.

    For more information and email contacts: