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Dataset Name Mye_gal: MED2 mutant galactose array
Dataset Number 27
Short Description MED2 deletion strain effect when grown on galactose
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Reference Lawrence C. Myers, Claes M. Gustafsson, Kathleen C. Hayashibara, Patrick O. Brown,
and Roger D. Kornberg. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci, USA. Vol. 96, pp 67-72 (1999).
Strains Wild type strain MG106 is Red, med2 deletion strain MG107 is green
Conditions galactose, companion data set with heat shock loaded as separate dataset
Date Added to ExpressDB May 19 1999 12:00:45:546PM
Number of Measures on ExpressDB 8 (here to download dataset and view measure details)
Long Description Medline abstract in progress:
Deletion of any one of three subunits of the yeast Mediator of
transcriptional regulation, Med2, Pgd1 (Hrs1), and Sin4, abolished
activation by Gal4-VP16 in vitro. By contrast, other Mediator
functions, stimulation of basal transcription and of TFIIH kinase
activity, were unaffected. A different but overlapping Mediator
subunit dependence was found for activation by Gcn4. The genetic
requirements for activation in vivo were closely coincident with those
in vitro. A whole genome expression profile of a Deltamed2 strain
showed diminished transcription of a subset of inducible genes but
only minor effects on 'basal' transcription. These findings make an
important connection between transcriptional activation in vitro and
in vivo, and identify Mediator as a 'global' transcriptional

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