Cy3 & CG bp

dNTP derivatives for "single molecule" & Polony Fluorescent In Situ Sequencing (FISSeq)

7SS3Cy5 jpg jpg, cdx, pdb jpg jpg
jpg jpg
7SS9Cy3 jpg, c3d, pdb jpg
3NB10Bodipy jpg
4NB3Rox jpg

Notes: The first column numerals indicate spacer lengths in atoms. SS=disulfide cleavable by TCEP. NB=Nitrobenzyl (photo-cleavable). Cy=Cyanine dye. Bodipy= boron dipyrromethene difluoride. c3d=Chem3D format. pdb=Protein Data Bank format.
* = Not yet synthesized.

Wish list for dNTPs and this page.
a. Some of these compounds are to some extent "reversible terminators", possibly intramolecular competitive inhibition by the fluorophores (see Fig at top, comparing Cy3 & GC bp). So we would like dNTPs with more complete termination and more complete reversal.
b. We would like for this page to include data on the properties of these compounds with various polymerases (Bst, Klenow, T7, TdT, etc.)

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Biorad fluorophores.
Molecular Probes Fluorophores.
Photochemical Proteolysis

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