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Metabolome/ Physiome
Gene Clustering
 Genome Sequences
Yeast RNA quant. (27Oct98)
E.coli protein quant.
 Yeast RNA conditions
 Population Genotyping
Motif software (27Oct98)
E.coli in-frame genome engineering (27Oct98): pKO3
 E.coli motifs (13Aug98)
 subcellular compartments
 Network models
E.coli multiplex competition selections (phenome)
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Previous Lab Members
New positions available (11Nov98)
Church Lab Publications (18Nov98)
Genotyping and Phenotyping Technology Development Projects (28oct98)
DPinteract: DNA-protein interaction database (1993-1997)
Long-PCR Protocol Biology Week, a weekly listing of biological seminars in the Boston area
Lab meeting schedule (Church lab and invited collaborators)

Literature and Software Resources

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