Global RNA half-life analysis in Escherichia coli reveals positional patterns of transcript degradation

Douglas W. Selinger*†, Rini Mukherjee Saxena*‡, Kevin J. Cheung†, George M. Church†, and Carsten Rosenow§‡

*These authors contributed equally to this work
§To whom correspondence should be addressed
†Harvard Medical School, Department of Genetics, Boston, MA 02115
‡Affymetrix Inc., Santa Clara, CA 95051

Affymetrix E. coli Microarray
Global RNA expression before rifampicin addition

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Processed Data

-> 2,679 mRNA half-lives (non-linear least squares curvefitting), tab-delimited data , info
-> mRNA half-lives (raw average differences, HL calculation by 2-fold method), tab-delimited (Table 1, Figure 4)
-> Average operon half-lives , includes 5'-3' positional patterns, tab-delimited (Figure 1, Table 2)
-> Operon degradation pattern clustering (Figure 2)
        Treeview  formats: cdt file , gtr file
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        Data: Tab-delimited ranks
-> High-resolution operon degradation file , tab-delimited (Figure 3)
-> High-resolution transcript degradation (probe by probe, window size = 5 probes, tab-delimited)
    - watson strand (20 MB)
    - crick strand (17 MB)

Raw Data
-> .CEL files

-> GAPS©
-> Cluster/TreeView