Welcome to the ExpressDBera normalized RNA Expression Database

The ExpressDBera database presents much of the data in the yeast RNA expression datasets stored in the ExpressDB database. This collection is in a form designed to be more readily usable in cross-dataset comparisons than the original published datasets. For example, data measurements that the experimenters presented as exhibiting various classes of problems are excluded. As a result of the different technologies used to generate the different datasets, there are many valid reasons to be skeptical of how comparable the estimated relative abundances in the various datasets are to one another. You can download the normalized RNA Expression dataset for your own uses , but be aware that any comparisons you make across datasets are going to be of very limited utility in comparing the various datasets that use different controls or technologies from one another.

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For the original data sets this normalized dataset is based on click here

You can download the entire normalized ERA dataset:

Data Set Description More Info
Normalized ERA Dataset This data set contains estimated relative abundances (ERAs) computed from yeast gene expression level data from 9 references as described in an article we have submitted to Genome Research. here

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