Computational Biology Training in Boston & Cambridge, MA

Two programs are offered. For Admissions and Degree requirements see:

(1) through Biophysics (since 1997)

(2) through HST MEMP BIG (starting Fall 2002)

Examples of Courses:
Biophysics 101 = HST 508: Genomics and Computational Biology (Fall, Church)
Biophysics 242. Special Topics in Biophysics (Spr, Hogle)
Statistics 215 Fundamentals of Computational Biology (Spr, Wong)
Statistics 315: Fundamentals of Computational Biology(Fall, Liu)
Engineering Sciences 145 = 215. Introduction to Systems Analysis with Physiological Applications(Fall, Stanley)
MCB 112. Structure and Function of Proteins and Nucleic Acids(Fall, Harrison)
Biology 152: Population Genetics (Fall, Wakeley)
Mathematics 115: Methods of Analysis and Applications
Applied Mathematics 201: Physical Math I (Fall, Brenner)
Applied Mathematics 202: Physical Math II (Spr, Anderson)
BCMP 201: Principles of Biochemistry
BCMP 228: Macromolecular NMR(Fall, Wagner)
Cell Biology 201. Molecular Biology of the Cell
Genetics 201: Principles of Genetics(Fall, Dietrich)
Genetics 218: Genotype to Phenotype: Epigenetics and Gene Regulation (Spr, Wu)
HST 505: Laboratory in Molecular and Cellular Sciences (IAP, Morgan)
HST940J = MIT 10.555J: Bioinformatics(Spr, Stephanopoulos)
HST 950J = MIT 6.872: Medical Computing(Spr, Kohane)
HST 952: Computing for Biomedical Scientists (Fall, Ogunyemi)
MIT 18.417: Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology (Fall, Berger)
MIT 6.892: Computational Functional Genomics(Spr, Gifford)

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