Mission: Transformative Technologies for Reading & Writing 3D/4D structures at any scale -- inspired by, but not limited by, biology -- with attention to ethics, safety, security, equitable costs, communication.

Class GC-lab Project Potential Risks Potential Benefits Risk Reduction & reversal Translation & Newcos
DevCell atlas, Rosetta lineage/omes 3D in situGeneral risks of basic scienceDiagnostics & researchOpen access, standardsMICrONs, Readcoor
DevSemi-synthetic human brain components in vitroSimilar to AI risksLower power, easier BCI (than silicon)TransparencyGCTx-TFome
Dev"Synthetic-morphogenesis" as atomically-precise, scalable 3D printing.Similar to 3D printing gunsRadical cost lowering & democratization of manufacturing.Surveillance as with syn-DNAGCTx-TFome
InfoUbiquitous surveillance via DNA-tapeLoss of privacy, 1984Better deterence & debuggingInternational StandardsDNA data
InfoHarnessing exceptional cognitive & behavioral allelesSimilar to AI risksContinuity with current "working" ethics, enhanced diversityTransparency, Open consentPGP Memory
InfoAI-Machine Learning for Ab, integrase, AAV designAI & gene-Tx risksTransformative Dx & TxFDADynoTx
MedAging reversal via gene therapyOverpopulation, lower creativityRetain experts. Longer term plans. Reduce end-of-life costs.Trend to fertility <2 + population drain to spaceRejuvenatebio
MedReducing diseases via gene drivesOverpopulation; error/terrorReduce Lyme, Malaria, povertyDaisy Drives-
MedReducing psychiatric disordersLoss of diversityReduce major sources of violence, poverty, GCRWide discussion/educationSee GClab grants
GenGenome project write (GPW), resistance to all virusesEugenics, first strike, cancerBetter protein, cell, organ manufacturingBiocontainmentEngineering Biology
ETGenome modification for space travelLowered concern for earth problemsBackup earth, diversify culturesInternational StandardsConsortium for Space Genetics
ETRadiation resistanceFirst strikeSpace & nuclear industriesInternational StandardsConsortium for Space Genetics
ETFull recycling habitats for space & earthLowered concern for earth problemsNo infections, low power, de-risk colonies & test diverse social systemsInternational StandardsConsortium for Space Genetics
DxUbiquitous surveillance of synthetic & natural pathogensFirst strikeReduce major sources of GCRInternational StandardsONT
DxUniversal WGS & matchmaking for severe genetic diseasesEugenics, privacy, equityReduce poverty & health care costsEducation, encryption+blockchain, Low cost Nebula.org
BchMirror cyanobacteriaToo much C or P sequestrationUp to 150 Gton C per yr fixed Biocontainment-
EcoCyanobacteria resistant to all phage via recodingToo much C or P sequestrationUp to 50 Gton C per yr fixed (global fuel use = 9 Gton/yr)Biocontainment64-x
EcoEEHV & cold-resistant elephantsLike wolves in yellowstone & cane toads in Australia 1400 Gton arctic C (much of it CH4, 25X worse than CO2)Large herbivores easily spottedRevive & Restore
EcoDe-extinction and/or novel speciesGain &/or loss of diversityEcosystem optimizationLarge herbivores easily spottedRevive & Restore

Bch: Biochemistry, Dev: Developmental Biology, Dx: Diagnostics, Eco: Ecosystem,
ET: Extra terrestrial Space Bio, Info: Information processing, Med: Medical

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