DPInteract Entries with Known 3-Dimensional Structures

DP00290 arc_P22 (arc repressor)
DP00189 argR (arginine repressor)
DP00238 birA (biotin synthesis repressor)
DP00425 cII_P22 (P22 repressor)
DP00275 cI_434 (434 repressor)
DP00274 cI_Lam (lambda repressor)
DP00271 cro_434 (cro protein)
DP00270 cro_Lam (cro protein)
DP00001 crp (catabolite activator protein (cyclic AMP receptor, cap))
DP00169 cspA (major cold-shock protein)
DP00429 cspB_Bsu (Major cold-shock protein)
DP00365 dtxR_Cdi (diptheria toxin repressor)
DP00098 fis (factor for inversion stimulation)
DP00360 hin (DNA-invertase hin)
DP00230 hns (histone-like protein)
DP00317 lacI (lactose operon repressor)
DP00014 lexA (SOS response regulator)
DP00248 metJ (methionine biosynthesis repressor)
DP00449 ner_Mu
DP00213 polA (DNA polymerase I)
DP00319 purR (purine biosynthesis repressor)
DP00469 rnap_pT7 (T7 RNA polymerase)
DP00348 rtp_Bsu (replication termination protein)
DP00351 tetR_D (tetracycline repressor protein, class D)
DP00364 tnp1 (Tn1000 (gamma-delta) resolvase)
DP00245 trpR (tryptophan biosynthesis repressor)
DP00241 tus (DNA replication terminus-binding protein)

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Note: This database copyright 1994 Harvard University. Robison, K., and Church, G.M. DPInteract: A database on DNA-protein interactions. (1994). Electronically published and manuscript in preparation.

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