Experimental Protocols (go back)


Polony Protocols


    Polony PCR Amplification


    Hybridization / Single Base Extension




    Bind Silane Treatment of Slides


    SYBR Green Staining



Buffer Recipes


    Wash 1E (aka WB2300 or Wash 1)


    Wash LS


    1x Klenow Extension Buffer


    6x SSPE w. Triton X-100


    1x Bleaching Buffer


    1x Alkylation Buffer


    1x Quenching Buffer


    TGT Solution



Stock Solutions [recipes can be found in the Maniatis manuals]


    2M KCl


    500 mM EDTA (pH 8.0)


    1M MgCl


    1M Tris-Acid


    1M Tris-Base


    20x SSC


    20x SSPE